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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PA duplicity: Glorify terrorists to Palestinians, condemn terror to Israelis

PA minister told Palestinians about terrorist prisoners: 
They are not criminals,  
their hands committed no crime, 
they are an authentic element
of the Palestinian movement [March 28, 2014]     

The same minister told Israeli journalists about this week's murder of Israeli civilian:
"It hurts... We condemn the killing of any person. 
The principle of killing and violence is completely unacceptable" [April 16, 2014] 

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik 

PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash met with Israeli journalists today and condemned this week's murder of an Israeli:
"This Israeli who was murdered, it hurts... We condemn the killing of any person. The principle of killing and violence is completely unacceptable."  
[Israel Army Radio, April, 16, 2014]

Yet, just two weeks ago, this same Al-Habbash defended and honored all Palestinian terrorists who are in Israeli prisons:  

"All the Palestinian prisoners who protected [our] land, honor and homeland are prisoners of freedom; they are prisoners of war. They are not criminals, will never be and have never been. Their hands committed no crime. They were defending themselves. They are an inseparable part of this national Palestinian movement and one of its authentic elements."

[Official PA TV March 28, 2014]


This is another example of PA's policy of duplicity: The minister told the authentic Palestinian message to Palestinians and the opposite message to Israelis and the West. When PA Minister Al-Habbash defined Palestinian prisoners as people whose "hands committed no crime" and who are "an authentic element" of the Palestinian movement, he was including well known imprisoned terrorists like Abdullah Barghouti, (67 life sentences), Ibrahim Hamed, (54 life sentences) and Abbas Al-Sayid, (35 life sentences), all imprisoned for planning suicide bombings that murdered in all 156 civilians.

Today's statement to Israelis that "we condemn the killing of any person" is an attempt to hide the ongoing PA support for murder of Israelis when speaking to Israelis. PMW has documented this double speak in the book Deception - Betraying the Peace Process, which details the PA's messages to Palestinians of non-recognition of Israel, demonization and hate speech, and promotion of violence and glorification of terrorists.

Click to see more examples PMW's documentation of the PA and Fatah's glorification of terrorists.

BBC Report: French Jews Are ‘Afraid to be Jewish’ (VIDEO)

APRIL 14, 2014
France anti-Semitic attack victim David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.

An increasing number of French Jews are moving to Israel because they are “afraid to be Jewish” in France, BBC News reported.

“It’s not just the attacks, it’s the looks. The insults. The tensions you feel every day,” said Dr. David Tibi, president of the the greater Paris region’s Jewish community. “And so life becomes more and more difficult.”

Tibi is a successful dentist in Paris and is married to an equally accomplished doctor, but this summer the couple and their five children will move to the Jewish state.

The Jewish Agency in France helped 3,200 people migrate to Israel last year, a 63 percent increase from the year before.

The spike is in part motivated by a rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes in the country, according to the report.

Documentation compiled by SPCJ, Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, a security focused organization which serves France’s Jewish communities, said 423 anti-Semitic acts were recorded in the country in 2013 alone. Research also indicated that last year, 40 percent of all racist violence perpetrated in France targeted Jews.

French Jews often fear outwardly appearing Jewish. A European Union survey published recently suggested that 40 percent of Jews in France will avoid wearing clothing that identifies them as being Jewish, according to the BBC.

Anti-Semitic attacks in France are reported with some regularity.

In March, a 59-year-old Jewish teacher was severely beaten by a group of young men who cursed him, broke his nose, and drew a swastika on his chest with a marker.

Earlier that month, a young Jewish woman was assaulted at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon by a mother and daughter of Arab descent who shouted, “Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel.”

During a Paris rally in January, a day before Holocaust Memorial Day, at least 17,000 people marched in the streets while shouting “Jews, get out of France.”

Ariel Kandel, a representative of the Jewish Agency, told the BBC that more French  Jews are moving to Israel because “many feel unwelcome here in France and with the economy going so badly many ask themselves, ‘why stay?’ ”

France faces an 11 percent unemployment rate as opposed to Israel’s 6 percent, the BBC noted. The Israeli government has also taken steps to encourage the immigration of French Jews, offering to provide aid for those that make the move as well as more liberal recognition of French diplomas and qualifications.

However, Paris based Rabbi Mendel Azimov told the BBC that Jews packing up and leaving France is nothing new.

“If I’ll be running the aliyah office, its for sure that the aliyah is going crazy. I get phone calls all day… but at the same time this is only a small little percentage,” he said. “The aliyah always existed, and sometimes even more numbers than today.”

Watch the BBC report in the video below:

Update about the anti semitic leaflets in Donetsk

In an earlier post, I reported on the Jews of Donetsk, which has been declared an 'independent republic' within the Ukraine, being forced to 'register' themselves and their property or to face forfeiture on May 3. I now have more details about those leaflets, which I received via email.
On April 15, 3 people in black balaclavas, gave away leaflets (the one i sent you before) to passersby and glued some on billboards near the Synagogue.

And when i was researching the previous link i stumbled upon another article (on same topic) now in Israeli news web site for Russian speakers

they also added more info; They said that Nathan Shcharansky (I'm sure you at least heard about him LOL) was on Radio Kol Israel talking about this issue (apparently he was born in Donetsk) 

I also found a news article about that Rabbi from Simferopol (Crimea) he was forced to run from Crimea after it was occupied by Russian Federation and his Synagogue 'Ner-Tamid' was Vandalized literary the day Russian soldiers moved in on February 28

His name is Mikhail Kapustin, he says that he was forced to flee to Kiev, in fear of anti-Semitism
I hope you speak german or know someone, because his only intervew was to German-Jewish website.....
Here is a link

Here he is a short post where he asks people for help and save Simferopol from Russian occupation (and there is also his picture)

Following him, HABAD representatives also left Crimea, Rabbi Itskhak-Meir Lifshits and his wife Lea, he says that he managed to move out Torah scrolls from Beyt Habad in Crimea to Ukraine mainland. (actually he used the word 'saving',  if its that serious we can assume that he believes that Beyt Habad can be vandalized so he had to move out Torah)
Hmmm. I used to be in touch with Rabbi Yitzchak and Leah Lipszyc (that's how it's spelled on LinkedIn and that's how I recall them spelling it) through a couple of mailing lists many years ago. When my daughter and I went to Ukraine in September, I tried to contact them via Facebook, but did not hear back from them.

But I've also heard that Chabad has been backing the Russians (that's what's been reported here in Israel) so I have asked for an explanation.  I will post about this again when I hear back.

Jews outraged after clothing store loved by neo-Nazis opens next door to the United Kingdom’s chief rabbi

Viking ThorShop Thor Steinar in London 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) Jews are angry after a clothing store that is favored by neo-Nazis opened in the heart of London’s Jewish community.

Thor Steinar clothes, has been banned in the German Bundestag and many football stadiums in the country for its ties to Nazism.

In a move described as deliberately provocative, the first British store opened a couple of weeks ago in North Finchley. Chief rabbi Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis lives just a few doors away as well as the Islamic Association of North London, a mosque that serves the large local Muslim population.

Jewish and Muslim residents , charities and community leaders asked the shop to be boycotted amid fears it will attract racist thugs to the area. Thor Steinar has attracted an enormous amount of controversy since it was launched in Germany in 2002.

Steinar has attracted an enormous amount of controversy since it was launched in Germany in 2002.

Their original logo resembled the insignia of the SS under Adolf Hitler. In 2012, it opened a new store named Brevik, which critics claimed was in honor of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

Many of the country's football clubs have also banned the use of their apparel and online retailer Amazon refuses to sell their products. In North Finchley, the brand is sold exclusively at a store called Viking ThorShop.

A war memorial, dedicated to the local men who lost their lives fighting in World War Two, is also minutes away.

Kansas KKK Shooter Cited Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal / Wikimedia Commons

Max Blumenthal / Wikimedia Commons

Alleged murderer ran a pro-Nazi, pro-Blumenthal online forum


The neo-Nazi and former Ku Klux Klan leader in custody for a murder spree at two Kansas Jewish community centers has frequently cited the work of anti-Israel activist Max Blumenthal, the son of Hillary Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal. 

The accused killer, Frazier Glenn Cross, runs the VNN Forum, a prominent white supremacist website devoted to exposing what its contributors believe is a Jewish conspiracy controlling America.

Washington Free Beacon search of the forum found over 300 references to Max Blumenthal, with many threads praising his activism against both pro-Israel Americans and the Jewish state and encouraging other forum members to share and promote it.

“Max Blumenthal is insightful & sometimes funny,” one thread is titled, with a forum member stating, “I respect Max Blumenthal more than I do ‘White Christian Zionists.’”

A forum member with the username “Kind Lampshade Maker”—and over 8,200 posts—started a thread titled “Jew Max Blumenthal has something good to say about Palin,” citing a Blumenthal claim that former Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin has ties to white supremacists.

In “Kikes gone wild by Jew Max Blumenthal,” VNN forum members praise a Blumenthal video that features unflattering interviews with Israelis.

Another thread promotes a video by Blumenthal whose title is so fitting for the neo-Nazi forum that it was posted under the title Blumenthal himself had for it: “How To Kill Goyim And Influence People.”

A thread started by the alleged Kansas murderer himself is titled, “Israel Forming Super PAC to Attack [Ron] Paul and [President] Obama.” Cross cites an appearance by Max Blumenthal on the Kremlin propaganda network RT in which Blumenthal claims that the Emergency Committee for Israel, a Washington-based nonprofit group, is in fact a front for Benjamin Netanyahu and is attempting to subvert the American political system.

In the RT interview, Blumenthal, citing his work for a Hezbollah-aligned Lebanese newspaper, says: “What I wrote about on Al-Akbar English is the degree to which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is completely immersed in the American presidential campaign and the culture wars of the United States … some of his cutouts, his neoconservative allies in Washington, have started this Super PAC, the Emergency Committee for Israel.”

Responding to Blumenthal’s claim, Cross, the alleged Kansas shooter, asks: “Will Ron Paul and his close supporters fight back against this alien Super PAC by telling the truth about jew power in the U.S.?? It’s insightful and somewhat assuring that the above video news report was posted on”

Cross goes on to complain that he could find “very little from MSM” on Blumenthal’s claims about ECI and that “most internet reports are coming from Ron Paul sites.”

The discussion touched off by Blumenthal shifts to the then-underway Republican presidential primary and the declining fortunes of Ron Paul.

“Big kike Bill Kristol, head of the Weekly Standard, and one of the godfathers of the neo-con movement,” Cross comments, “said on CSPAN yesterday, that the Republican Party should dump Ron Paul, and that Paul running as a 3rd party candidate, is no big deal. Talk about freakin chutzpah. . . . .”

Cross’s avatar in the VNN forum, where he has posted more than 12,000 times, depicts an animated militiaman performing the “Sieg Heil” Nazi salute in front of a Confederate battle flag.

Sidney Blumenthal recently hosted a launch party for his son Max’s latest book, which makes extensive comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany.

Max Blumenthal responded to the murder spree carried out by one of his admirers by attacking Israel, discussing on the hate site Mondoweiss the similarities between Zionism and Frazier Glenn Cross’s white supremacism.

The Reality of Anti-Semitism

Today’s tragic shooting in Kansas Citydoesn’t mean that the United States has become unsafe for Jews. The person arrested for the incident at the Jewish Community Center campus in Johnson County, Kansas which left three dead allegedly yelled “Heil Hitler” and sought to inquire if his victims were Jewish. Only the tiniest minority of Americans shares such hatred. Unlike attacks on Jews in Europe where a rising tide of anti-Semitism has called the viability of Jewish life there into question, even a shocking event such as this one doesn’t change the fact that Jew hatred remains a marginal phenomenon on these shores. American society has embraced Jews in every possible way. But however much we should resist the temptation to draw broad conclusions from the acts of what may be a lone madman, it is a reminder that anti-Semitic violence remains the most common form of religious-based hate crime committed in this country.

While much of our chattering classes remain obsessed with the fear of Islamophobia and are determined to keep alive the myth of a post 9/11 backlash against American Muslims,FBI hate crime statistics continue to show that anti-Jewish attacks outnumber those directed at Muslims by a huge margin. In every year since 9/11, the numbers show that attacks on Muslims are far less frequent than those on Jews. This is especially important to remember not just because of the sad violence in Kansas City but because so much of the media and other institutions are so heavily invested in the myths about Islamophobia while not taking strong stands against non-violent forms of anti-Semitism, such as the movement to wage economic warfare against the State of Israel.

Sadly, even institutions such as Brandeis University, which has strong ties to the Jewish community, remain so sensitive to charges of hostility to Islam that they are afraid to honor a person like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has spoken out against Islamic oppression of women. But while worries about a non-existent wave of prejudice against Muslims are without basis, even in the United States those willing to express hostility to Jews and to, as the BDS movement has shown, subject their state to prejudicial treatment they would not inflict on any other religious or ethnic group, remains an unfortunate reality.

In her classic 1992 book If I Am Not For Myself … The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews,Ruth Wisse wrote that anti-Semitism was “the 20th century’s most durable ideology”  since it was employed by several movements including fascists, Nazis, and Communists and yet had survived and transcended those horrors to reassert itself in a new era. Today the greatest threat to the Jewish people comes not from stray neo-Nazis but from Islamist terror and a genocidal theocracy in Iran that seeks nuclear capability. But whether focused on the remnants of old threats or the peril from the new, Jew hatred remains an unfortunate fact of life. While the crime that took place in Kansas City should not distort our view of American society or cause us to forget that barriers to acceptance of Jews have been almost totally erased, it should serve as a reminder that Jew hatred is far from dead.

‘L’avertissement’ de Catherine Ashton au Maroc

Rédigé le 16/04/2014
Larbi Amine - Lemag

Bruxelles : "Si le parlement marocain venait à adopter le projet de loi criminalisant la normalisation des relations avec Israël, cela ternirait l’image du royaume au sein de la communauté internationale".

‘L’avertissement’ de Catherine Ashton au Maroc
Ainsi, a affirmé par écrit, la chef de la diplomatie de l'UECatherine Ashton, en réponse à une question lui adressé, par l'eurodéputé italien, Fiorello Provera, membre du Groupe Europe libertés démocratie au Parlement européen

Selon Ashton, ce projet de loi a reçu le soutien de certains partis de l'opposition et d'autres formations de la coalition gouvernementale, mais son adoption semble improbable, a-t-elle indiqué dans sa réponse écrite au nom de laCommission européenne

La vice-présidente de la Commission européenne a ajouté que l'Observatoire marocain contre la normalisation avec Israël a fait plusieurs tentatives infructueuses pour restreindre les relations du Royaume avec Israël dont l'avenir est étroitement lié à l'évolution du processus de paix au Moyen-Orient et ne peut être considéré hors de ce contexte. 

Ashton a en outre indiqué que l'UE engage un dialogue politique régulier avec le Maroc sur toutes les questions régionales importantes y compris celles se rapportant à Israël, notant que ce dialogue se fait à tous les niveaux (Roichef du gouvernementministre des Affaires étrangères et hauts fonctionnaires), ainsi qu'au sein des forums multilatéraux.