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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Jonathan Arkush: 'We are deeply concerned about revelations coming out of the Labour Party'

The Board is deeply concerned by reports of antisemitism at Oxford University (above)

Board President Jonathan Arkush told Deputies this week that he is "deeply concerned" about the revelations of antisemitism coming out of the Labour Party.

In his President's Statement issued ahead of Sunday's Board meeting in Sheffield, Jonathan said: 
"This may have come to the fore now, but in our community we have been warning about this for years. The Board’s position has been clear throughout. As each of the revelations has come out, we have been in touch with the offices of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and General Secretary Iain McNicol. On each of the individual cases, they have been quite helpful. We write, and they write back pretty quickly saying that, for example, they have now expelled Downing or helping us to understand the scope of the Royall inquiry. This is proof again, were it to be needed, that we are right to engage."

He added: "We still remain concerned about the wider issue of left-wing antisemitism and its prevalence in the Labour Party. We are further disturbed that the antisemitism reported in the Oxford Labour Club might also be present at LSE and other universities. The attitude of the Jewish community towards Labour is bound to be affected by the outcome of the Royall inquiry. Many in our community will withhold confidence in Labour unless they can feel that the inquiry has credibility and that appropriate action has been taken against anyone found to have antisemitic or racist views."

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder (left) with Board President Jonathan Arkush at the World Jewish Congress Special Plenary in Buenos Aires

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