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Monday, 19 March 2012

Four Shot Dead @ Jewish School in France: Guess the Religion

There is only one set of people who threaten the Jews–and everyone else–in modern day France (and the rest of the West, for that matter):  Muslims.  So, take a guess about who was behind the shooting murder of four Jews, including children, at a Jewish school in France today.

Survivors of the Toulouse Shooting @ Ozar HaTorah School
Was it a Catholic?  Was it a Protestant?  How about a Hindu?  If you guess anything butMuslim, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on in France.  I have.  In fact, long before all of the also-ran rip-off artists, I asked back in 2002, “Will America Become La Prochaine [The Next] France?“  With Muslims making up 25-33% of the current French population (know one knows for sure), it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a Muslim nation.  If you think that can’t happen to America, your head is firmly planted in the sand.  I think we all know who was on that motorcycle with the goal to murder Jews.  It’s the same religion and heritage that targeted and murdered Ilan Halimi(Of Blessed Memory), torturing the young man with cigarette burns and amputations of his fingers.  Arab Muslims.  Yes, it’s a good bet that the murderer today was not Frere Jacques, but Frere Mohammed.
Don’t worry though–the French authorities are already blaming “a right-wing gunman,” though they have zero idea who it is. I wouldn’t bet on a “right-wing” anything in this. The track record in France is that Muslims do these things. Even if, this time, it’s not a Muslim, you can bet the Muslims are cheering that they’ve found someone else to do their dirty work. They aren’t sad in the least that four Jews were wiped out today. Larmes De La Crocodile [crocodile tears].
French police stepped up the search for a killer moped-rider with a tattooed face after four people were shot down and killed outside a Jewish school in Toulouse this morning.

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