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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Omar Sharif - Omar Sharif Jr Comes Out As Gay And Half-Jewish

Omar Sharif Jr

In an open letter to Advocate magazine, Omar Sharif Jr (the grandson of the Dr Zhivago actor, Omar Sharif) has come out - in his own words 'hesitantly' - as being gay. In the same letter, he also revealed that he is half Jewish. As an Egyptian, he describes the latter revelation as "no small disclosure when you are from Egypt." In a bold move, Sharif Jr decided to reveal that he is gay and half Jewish, as a means of voicing his concerns over the political direction that his home country of Egypt is taking. He admits that he "benefited from a life of privilege being Omar Sharif's grandson" but that privilege will not protect him from being "chastised, scorned and most certainly threatened," were he to return to Egypt. Having moved to America, Omar describes himself, in the eloquently worded letter, as "an Egyptian national newly acquainted with a land of freedom." 

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