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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sad, sad news .....murder victim's family connected to the Emek Medical Center

Through the visit that I paid to the Medical Center in Afulla a few months ago, where I met Larry Rich, who subsequently came to Scotland, the awful news of Shelly Dadon’s brutal murder is brought closer to home. For Scotland Friends of Israel the shock runs very deep.


( Larry Rich Writes who I met during his Visit to Scotland; Shelly was the 20 year old daughter of Yaakov and Ilana, both long time employees of our medical center.)


Shelly Dadon, terrorist victim



Shelly Dadon, 20, from Afulah, was murdered Thursday, May 1, in a deserted wood near the Migdal Haemek industrial zone in northern Israel, by a gang of Israeli Arabs belonging to an terrorist organization called “The Galilee Liberators.” She died after multiple stab wounds were inflicted savagely on her upper torso. The killers planted clues at the scene that broadcasted their affiliation. However the local police spoke of “various lines of inquiry’ – a regular cliché they use to play down Palestinian terrorist action. At this time of year, the police prefer to avoid aggravating Arab-Jewish tensions before Israel’s national Day of Remembrance Day for the Fallen and 66th Day of Independence early next week




The staff of Emek Medical Center, together with all Israel, painfully mourns the tragic and senseless brutal murder of Shelly Dadon.  Shelly was the 20 year old daughter of Yaakov and Ilana, both long time employees of our medical center.  All indications are that Shelly was the victim of a wanton act of terror (we are painfully aware of the trademark signature of these murdering cowards) – and an intense search is now underway to find her killer(s).  She left her home in Afula on Friday morning to attend a job interview.  A few hours later her defiled young body was found discarded in an empty parking lot of a local industrial park. 


Words alone are not enough to express the shock, pain and outrage surging through all of us at this horrific moment.  Shelly was senselessly murdered because she was a Jew and her name is now added to the 23,000+ men, women and children who have fallen in Israel’s wars and acts of terrorism since 1948.  Today is officially Israel’s Memorial Day. 


I have known Shelly’s father, Yaakov, for the past 25 years.  I was his manager in a local industry and in 1989 when I bought a home in Afula, Yaakov helped me do some renovations.  We see each other regularly on and about the Emek campus as we both attend to our respective jobs.  Our future encounters will be anything but regular.       


May Shelly rest in peace and may her memory be blessed.    Larry Rich

Director of Development / International Public Relations / Emek Medical Center / |

Office: 972-4-6494417 / Mobile: 972-505-737641 Afula 18101, Israel /




Almost 1,000 people attended the funeral of murdered 20 year-old Shelly DadonSaturday night, whose body was found on Thursday night in an abandoned Migdal HaEmek parking lot. 

Shelly's father Ya'akov gave an emotional eulogy. 

"I stand here in front of her grave fresh, and refuse to believe," he said. "This tragedy happened to us.  Our flower, our angel, the princess of the house is gone. She was killed before her time."

"It is difficult to talk about you in the past tense, but reality now strikes us," he continued. "This is a very great loss. It is impossible to find words to comfort us."

"The smile was the symbol of your inner and outer beauty, which shined," he added. "Your illumination of our home and on our family made us all proud of who you are."

The Rabbi of Migdal Haemek, Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman, also spoke at the funeral.

"We are here in pain, sorrow and astonishment," Rabbi Grossman stated. "This tragedy, this brutal murder happened in our town."

Rabbi Grossman made reference to the Torah concept of Eglah Arufa, a special procedure described in Devarim (Deuteronomy) in the event that someone is found dead by unknown hands outside a city.

"The Torah tells us that our elders need to leave the city and declare that 'our hands did not shed this blood,'" Rabbi Grossman noted, as according to tradition.

"Her only sin was being Jewish," he added.

Police found Dadon's body in an abandoned Migdal Haemek parking lotThursday night. The Shin Bet is still hunting for the killer, who apparently fled into the woods.

Dadon had no criminal record; she had been on her way to a job interviewbut did not make contact with her family for several hours. When they found out that she had never shown up for the interview, they contacted police. Her body was found a short time later by patrolmen.

Friends and family continue to express disappointment and anger at the Israeli government over the murder. Police announced that the murder was likely not criminally motivated, but a terror attack - and the State has done little, they say, to fight it. 

"Israel has lost a flower, a person who did not hurt anyone before. She wanted to just be good for everyone," Matan Maimon, 26, a friend of the Dadon family, told Israeli media after the funeral.  "All the ministers remain dormant, the whole state is dormant and no one is doing anything."

"Wake up, Israel!" he continued. "They're killing us everywhere and we must not remain silent. They are eating us alive." 

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