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Monday, 22 December 2014

April Fool's Day? No, it's a Pill To Cure Growing Antisemitism say French Jewish Org


A French Jewish organization has begun distributing 10,000 boxes of “anti-Semitism first aid treatment” under the brand name “Antisémitox,” in an effort to tamp down the rising anti-Semitism in France, TV5 Monde reported.

Each box contains three honey candies, detox patches, and the text of the law stating the penalties that apply to people who express anti-Semitism publicly.

The poster of the campaign features a doctor wearing a white coat and stethoscope brandishing a box of pills that reads: “Antisémitox, the first treatment against anti-Semitism.”

“The honey candies contained in the packages works to immediately soften the anti-Semitic words and behavior that are the first symptoms,” The European Jewish organization (OJE),  the organizers of the campaign, said in a statement. “These include insults, curses, aggressive behavior, hallucinations, and quenelles [a Nazi-like salute popularized by an anti-Semitic French comedian.]“

The man behind the campaign is Frank Tapiro, a former consultant of former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

OJE President, Jean-Claude Zaret, said of the new campaign: “we talk a lot about Jewish humor, so why not use it to protect the Jewish community?”

The new “drug” can be purchased online for 5 euros ($6.11). All proceeds from the campaign “will finance the struggle against anti-Semitism,” the OJE said.

 French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve admitted last week that “anti-Semitic acts and threats in France have increased by well over 100 percent in the first 10 months of the year.”

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