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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Israel Elections – New Poll Shows Likud and Herzog-Livni Alliance In Statistical Dead Heat

bibi smiles

bibi smiles

Following the announcement of the new left-center alliance between Labor party and Tzipi Livni’s Hatnuah, a new poll shows the “Zionist Camp” joint list running neck-and-neck with the Likud, if elections for the Knesset were held today.

The poll, conducted by pollsters Minah Tzemach and Mano Geva for Channel 2, indicated that the Herzog-Livni list would receive 24 projected seats, while Likud would receive one seat less (23), followed by Bayit Yehudi with 15 seats. 

A similar poll conducted by Midgam Institute and released Tuesday on Israel’s channel 10, indicated that the joint Labor-Hatnuah list would win 22 projected seats, edging out Likud’s 20 seats.

The poll also showed that a possible joint Likud-Bayit Yehudi list on the right would garner only 33 seats, compared to the current 38 seats the two parties would get running separately.

Bennett is said to have suggested in private conversations that in the event that polls show the left winning the elections, he will create a political alliance with Netanyahu and unite the Likud and Bayit Yehudi parties on a joint Knesset list, thus forcing President Reuven Rivlin to nominate Netanyahu to form the new government.

Bennett admitted on Saturday night he has an “arrangement” with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the two will not attack one another during the election campaign. “We have an arrangement where we don’t attack each other during these elections,” Bennett said during a one-on-one conversation at the Saban Forum in Washington. “Last time I was strongly attacked by Likud, and ultimately we want to form a strong national bloc which, obviously in my opinion is good for Israel.”

In the previous elections, Likud and Israel Beytenu joined forces. It was expected to get 45 seats, but in practice the joint party won only 31 seats. Nevertheless, this union ultimately saved Netanyahu from disaster and allowed him to remain in power.

The poll published on Thursday showed Kahlon’s ‘Kulani’ party with 9 projected seats, followed by Lieberman and Yesh Atid with 8 seats respectfully; Shas with 9, UTJ 8, Meretz 5, and the Arab parties 11 seats.

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