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Monday, 13 April 2015

Holland Chief Rabbi: We Need to Stay Visibly Jewish

Holland’s Chief Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs

In light of the rise of anti-Semitic incidents spreading across the globe the European Jewish Association has undertaken a campaign calling on gentiles to wear Jewish symbols and religious items such as Yarmulkes, to express solidarity with Jewish people.

Holland’s Chief Rabbi Benjamin Jacobs said in a video message to EJA representatives, published by  the Jerusalem Post: “Forty years ago when I came to Holland, it never, ever happened that someone would call me in the street ‘dirty Jew’ or curse me because I’m Jewish, visibly Jewish. Today it’s normal.”

Rabbi Jacobs also shared his personal experience how he has survived several anti-Jewish attacks. “They threw things at my windows,” he said of the anti-Semitic people. “A car drove into me. But, thank God, the government is protecting me in a very good and friendly way.”

In response to the uptick of hate incidents, many Jews are refusing to publicly wear items that identify them as Jews. But the Rabbi offered strong words of support that one should not fear wearing his true identity. “Our response should be that we stay visibly Jewish. Wear a yarmulke on the streets, not a baseball cap. Wear a Magen David, whatever someone needs to show the world he’s is Jewish,” he said.

The EJA launched a campaign “to get as many non-Jews as possible to wear Jewish symbols and show solidarity, and that they are a part of the silent majority that is not anti-Semitic,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin one of the organization leaders said.

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