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Friday, 10 April 2015

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Thugs Facing Procecution for Antisemitism

Article below is from their Website:
Trial is set for Thu 17 & Fri 18 September inside the building above, Glasgow Sheriff Court. Prosecution will be calling 10 police officers among 17 prosecution witnesses in their effort to convict two Palestine campaigners of a 'racially aggravated' offence. Please put these dates in your diary now and come to the demonstration outside Glasgow Sheriff Court 9.30 on Thurs 17 September. We will not be intimidated!

Photo (below) at Glasgow Sheriff Court this morning.
The apartheid state continues to kill, using Scottish guidance systems to drop bombs on Gaza. Scottish and British low-life forms make money from murder and those who oppose the criminals get prosecuted.

A user's photo.

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