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Monday, 20 July 2015

Iranian regime's terrorism

Terrorism may be a belief or a kind of approaching the intended goals. Some may disguise their devil activities as religion or god’s will. Ayatollah Khalkhali a
deceased judge of the Iranian regime issued random execution sentences saying,
“If anybody of those executed is innocent, he would go to heaven”. In fact,
terrorism is an indispensable part of fundamentalism. Unable to find a
scientific approach to the difficulties of our time, the Ayatollahs who have brought back punishments of the Middle Ages, turn to suppression and terrorism. Apparently that is not all.
Mullahs in the Iranian regime have made a huge wealth by plunder of Iran’seconomy and Iran’s natural resources. Obviously they do not intend to lose it.
Suppression and terrorism is one way of achieving this.

An article in the July 7th edition of the Arab-language daily newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, revealed unimaginable digits of the wealth of the family members of Iran’s
supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

The over $3 billion wealth of Mojtaba, Khamenei’s second son, is stored in banks in the
UAE, Syria and Venezuela, and some others in African countries. The amount of
his wealth in gold and diamonds is estimated at $300 million. $1 billion of
this wealth has been obtained from special taxes on oil sales; $1 for each
barrel sold to China and India, and $5 to $15 for each barrel from Iran’s
general oil sales. 
The wealth of Khamenei’s other sons and daughters is estimated at billions, most of which being held in banks in the UK, Syria and Venezuela.Khamenei’s son has also taken over a vast amount of land near the city of Mashhad, north east of Iran and turned them into his own private property. A former mayor of Tehran has given him as a gift in thousands of hectares in the best areas of Tehran. In the city of Mashhad, he further owns the largest shopping malls and the largest building projects, along with a private plane and helicopter for urgent trips, and a caravan of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles and horses.

“Khamenei’s third son, Massoud, has more than $400 million dollars in French and English banks and another $100 million in Tehran banks.” The newspaper wrote. Together with his brother, Meitham, Massoud also owns the sales of the French company Renault in Iran. Meitham receives $125 from the sale of each vehicle that his brothersells in Iran. The wealth of Boshra, Khamenei’s daughter is estimated at around
$100 million.Hoda Khamenei’s smallest child pays a lot of attention to fashion and jewelry. She has a women’s salon in her home. Her wealth is estimated at being equal to
her sister, Boshra, at $100 million.

The newspaper goes on,”Khamenei’s uncle Hassan is the contractor of Iran’s state-run TV stations and responsible for purchasing all the cameras and electric equipment. He is the representative of Sony in all of Iran, and he purchases a total of $50 to $60
million of equipment and appliances each year. The company sells an estimate of
$600 million each year to the Iranian regime, and 7% of this is owned by this uncle
of Khamenei.”

Earlier in April Reuters estimated Khamenei’s wealth as over $95 billion, which is 30
times more than the wealth of the former Shah of Iran.

The exposure by this Arabic newspaper is just a tip of iceberg of theft and extortion going on by the Iranian regime. The more this regime holds the grip of power, the
more Iranians go under the poverty line, the more Iranians are executed, and
the more resistance members are tortured and murdered by this regime.

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