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Monday, 20 July 2015

Syria - French Jihadist arrested in Turkey, came back in France with his wife

His name Sofiane, 19 years old, below it's his propaganda message published in February 2015, it's after the Charlie Hebdo's attacks, he also encourages others to do the Jihad or make attacks in France.

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March 28, 2015, he contacted a French journalist to tell that life in Syria was not as he had hoped, he needed to talk, he left ar-Raqqah with his wife (pregnant) with the help of a Syrian, in a truck.( ar-Raqqah which is squared by the ISIS police that is supposed to stop the deserter / traitors). and noted that nearly 150 foreign fighters have already been executed by ISIS since September for these reasons (add this 'spying')

his wife who is in France now and.. FREE, (because yes, all Jihadists women who returned from Syria, are not considered as terrorists but as victims), she said that these articles of the press wrote by the kuffar are false. (she really said this)

the photo here it's in his villa, center of ar-Raqqah, took by a French journalist during a brief interview by webcam in march 2015, there are only Francophone in this villa (a few French, Luxembourgers and a majority of Belgians)

he is now in the prison of Fresnes in a program where there is above 30 "ex-Jihadists" awaiting judgment

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