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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Green is the Way to Go! - Presenting the Winners Aseptoray and Chakratec at the Cleantech Open Israel Competition 2015

TEL AVIV, IsraelSeptember 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --
The Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition is the world's largest green technology competition, and it takes place at the same time in 24 countries. The competition is designed for companies that raised no more than one million dollars, that have a technology / product breakthrough in one of the following areas: energy generation, energy efficiency, water and waste, smart grid technology, energy distribution and storage, green building, and smart transportation.  
This year the competition in Israel had 2 tracks, the first, for companies that raised no more than 1 Million USD (Global ideas track), the second for companies that raised between 1 million USD to 5 million USD.
The Israeli winner of the Global ideas competition, Aseptoray, was one of the four finalist companies, and will represent Israel in the international competition, Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition. It will be held as part of Global Entrepreneurship week inNovember 2015, in Silicon Valley.
AseptoRay's propriety technology inactivates bacteria in all liquids. The technology increases energy efficiency in the most common and energy consuming step in beverage manufacturing: pasteurization.
AseptoRay's eco-friendly technology enables:
i) 73% reduction in energy costs compared to standard  pasteurization.
ii) Improves product quality, nutritional value and taste.
The Israeli winner of the second track competition, Chakratec,was the best one out of the three finalist companies,and won the title of "The most promised CleanTech Company in Israel"
Chakratec, established in 2013, brings to the energy market patented kinetic battery energy storage solution based on an innovative flywheel concept.  
While being comparable in price to alternative solutions such as Li-Ion batteries, Chakratec's solution enables energy storage for hours as needed with renewable energy generation.
Unlike chemical batteries which have a limited number of charging cycles during their life time, Chakratec's kinetic battery, provides virtually limitless number of deep charge and discharge cycles over the full life time of 20 years.
These unique attributes make the price per charge/discharge cycle disruptively low, making it the optimal solution for solar fields, wind farms and other application which require energy storage. 
The kinetic battery is also the only truly green solution with none of the hazardous safety and disposal issues associated with chemical battery solutions, therefore it enables a fully green energy ecosystem of solar, wind and storage.
The Cleantech Open competition is one of the most prestigious international competition in Green technology, and it offers an excellent platform for meeting entrepreneurs, advisors and investors from all over the world.
The Main Partners in Israel include Global Entrepreneurship Network IsraelCapital Nature Investment GroupMIT Enterprise Forum - IsraelAutodeskThe Israel Export and International Cooperation InstituteIsrael advanced technology industries,RWEEco Brand and more.  
To learn more about Cleantech Open, please contact :
Gil Shourka, National Coordinator, Global Entrepreneurship Network Israel
Tel: +972-36405607

SOURCE Global Entrepreneurship Network Israel

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