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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Those wacky Jews and how they love to eat gentile blood

Egyptian newspaper Vetogate has a human interest article, during this high holiday season,  on the wacky ways that Jews like to atone for their sins.

Since Jews are so sinful, we are told, by doing things like worshiping the Golden Calf, they must look for varied ways to atone for their sins.

For example, it describes the custom of Tashlich, where Jews symbolically cast their sins into the sea.

The paper rather poorly describes the Kapparotritual of symbolically transferring one's sins to a chicken (or, more often nowadays, to money to be given to charity.)

And it also talks about how Jews like to eat human blood pastries on Purim.

On the occasion of Purim, Jewish adult men slaughter a non-Jewish child under the age of seven, after torturing him and then completely emptying their blood in a suitable container, and then the blood is dried until it becomes a powder to bake a blood pie, which is a sacrifice for this holiday; in order to atone for sins. Despite the fact that the custom has been discontinued for the time being, but the Jews practiced it all over the world, and particularly in Russia during World War II, prompting ostracism and persecution in the communities in which they lived.

This is the variant of the blood libel that centers on Purim rather than Passover.

This is what people in Egypt read in their newspapers, today.

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