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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Help a very good friend of Israel elected as an MSP

Dear all, there is a genuine opportunity to have a very good friend of Israel elected as an MSP in next year's Hoollyrood elections. I am referring to Professor Adam Tomkins, who is running as a national candidate for the Scottish Conservatives.

You may have heard of/ met Adam when he was hosting the Israeli Ambassador in Glasgow Uni last year. In addition to that, he really is a great friend of the community and of Israel. Now, there is a way for the community to help him in his race, and it is a way which does NOT commit anyone to either become a Conservative Party member or to vote for that party...

Since Adam is running on the national list ('the second vote'), his chances of making it to Hollyrood depend on his placement in the party's national list. For him to be in a realistic spot on that list, he needs to get enough nominations, and this is where 'we' are getting into the picture: The Conservative Party in Scotland is allowing anyone (so long as he/she is a Scottish resident and eligible to vote) to influence candidates' placement on their national list. If you click on the following link:, it will take you to an online form that needs to be completed (the completion only takes a few seconds). 

This allows one to register one's interest in ranking candidates. Once done, and some time before the elections, a form will be sent to the postal address given. All that's required then, is to put Adam Tomkins name on the top and post it...It is as simple as that! All that's needed now is to reach enough people, so please forward it to as many friends as you can, and trust (!)to support this initiative. Hopefully, you will be able to support this opportunity - Goodness knows we need more rational, pro-Israel voices in our Parliament. Cheers

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