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Monday, 26 October 2015

No Arab in the world has got a place better to live than Israel."... say Muslim Arabs

Israeli Arabs Demonstrate for Israel at Tel Aviv U: ‘I’m a Muslim and I Have No Other Country’

Tel Aviv University. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Tel Aviv University. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Several Muslim students gathered for a demonstration at the University of Tel Aviv, waving Israeli flags and holding banners with slogans against terrorism, Israeli news website 0404 reported on Friday.

One of the signs read, in Hebrew, “You are Palestinians — so you’re my enemy.” Another read: “I’m a Muslim and I have no other country.”

Another held a sign that read: “We are against violence and whoever supports violence doesn’t represent me, even if they’re a Knesset member,” referring to Israel’s parliament.

One of the demonstrators told 0404: “This is where we live and it’s good for us. We live together with our brothers the Jews.”

“There are those who seek to destroy and we won’t give them a hand,” he continued, “also not to the members of Knesset who incite. No Arab in the world has got a place better to live than Israel.”

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