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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Killed in Sinai crash, Anna Tishinskaya former program director of Hillel Russia, staff of Israeli Cultural Center

Hillel Russia mourned former program director who died aboard a Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt.

The plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, was 27 year old Anna Tishinskaya - former program director of "Hillel" in Petersburg and staff member of Israeli Cultural Center. According to the recollections of all who knew her, she was extremely bright, positive, full of energy, sympathetic person, always ready to help, to participate in volunteer projects.

"This is a great shock and a great loss for us - Anya was part of the family, and even though she no longer worked in the" Hillel "We constantly communicate and are connected. Just a few weeks ago, we congratulate Anna on his birthday and wished her new achievements - and, indeed, in her life had so many perspectives, and so bitterly that everything suddenly snapped ", - said colleague Anne of" Hillel ".

St. Petersburg is shocked by this tragedy.We mourn the death of Anna, and ask the Almighty to her soul rest in the souls of the righteous. We express our deepest condolences to her family, relatives and friends.


In Jerusalem, a memorial wall has been set up for her by her friends. 

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