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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Jewish Media Agency fighting Antisemitism in the media and promoting positive Jewish news & views

Thankyou everyone! 

Every single 'like' means the world to me and the team at Jewish Media Agency
We have the most incredible followers and those 6,600 likes actually represent a regular 'post' reach to 40-41,000 readers around the globe. 

All different folk are reading the collation of Jewish and Israel news that we work tirelessly 24/7 schedule. Our 14 global writers follow the trends and regularly write interesting Op Eds to share with you all. We publish many amateur bloggers giving people like you a global voice.

We are a small, passionate virtual team and we Thankyou for sharing our vision.

'To fight Antisemitism in the media and promote positive Jewish news & views'

#JMA #Jewish #Israel

Watch out for the News App....coming soon!

Dorit Stern Shelley Arbeter Glaser Richard Mather Howard Klineberg Michael Ivanovich
Renaud Sarda Avital Binba Yates-Vaynapel Paul Mirbach Judith Roxanne Tabatha Caplan

And many more behind the scenes!

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