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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A strong, united Britain

Dear Renaud,

The Prime Minister has today set out a clear and reasonable plan for Britain as we prepare for the negotiations that will come. 

She has also reaffirmed that Britain wants to remain the best friend and ally to our European neighbours.

She has made it clear that we want to support UK businesses by continuing to trade freely in Europe after we leave the EU. She has also spelled out that she will prioritise the protection of our own Union of nations, respecting the vote that we took in Scotland to remain part of the UK. All of these commitments are extremely welcome. 

It is now vital that we all pull together across the UK, to secure the best deal for all of us. There is no reason why both Britain and the European Union cannot emerge from the negotiations in stronger shape.

The SNP should have the good grace to accept that many of its own demands - including the protection of workers' rights, and the protection of rights for EU citizens in Britain and cross-border cooperation on tackling crime - have been recognised by the UK Government.

Ever since the Brexit vote, the SNP has tried to use the result as an excuse for holding a divisive second referendum on independence. They have failed to persuade people in Scotland of their case. Now that the UK Government has spelled out this plan of action, that case has collapsed altogether.

There is no justification whatsoever for that threat to be maintained. Nicola Sturgeon should now rule a second referendum out and instead work to get the best deal out of Brexit for all of us across the UK.

If you haven't already, please sign our petition to tell the SNP Government to focus on running the country and say no to a second independence referendum.

Thank you for your support,


Ruth Davidson
Leader of the Opposition - Scottish Conservatives

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