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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Theresa May applauded by US Republicans

Theresa May delivered the speech to a very warm welcome from Republicans.

She didn’t get to bump into President Trump who’d just finished addressing them. But there was a standing ovation to welcome her and many interruptions with applause.share

The embassy might get honours all round for organising this at a time when longevity for senior officials is not a given.

It’s hugely important that this group of Republicans feels aligned with the UK, the government thinks. It’s an access point for UK influence if President Trump veers off like a defective missile.

Although some here are Trump supporters, some are Tea Party movement too, not natural allies on some areas for Tory governments, there’s a strong pro-British feeling and there are policy overlaps, not least on free trade. Democrats often back President Trump’s protectionism in congress. Many republicans are natural free traders. There are stronger anti-Russian feelings in this room than there are in Donald Trump’s core team and her wariness about President Putin got warm applause. share-1

Mrs May will feel boosted by this event ahead of tomorrow’s daunting and unpredictable encounter with the President many of these Republicans didn’t want but who is now one week into his presidency.

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