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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Marine Le Pen: Kippah ban is step toward eliminating ‘radical Islam in France’

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News, France's far-right party leader Marine Le Pen defended US President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban. “I strongly object to the claim that this is an attack directed against Muslims,” she said.
image descriptionMarine Le Pen Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

France's far-right party leader Marine Le Pen recently sat down with a Channel 2 News correspondent for an exclusive interview. In the interview, Le Pen discussed the situation in France ahead of the upcoming presidential election and US President Donald Trump and his policies. I think that patriotism can never be racist,” she said. “To love your country and want to preserve its culture and identity, to protect the interests of the Americans in America, the French in France and the Israelis in Israel seems completely legitimate. I’m calling on people to act like the landlords and not the tenants or those who are here with no rights.” Le Pen supports Trump’s executive order imposing a temporary ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, which has been suspended by a federal judge. “I strongly object to the claim that this is an attack directed against Muslims,” she said. “This is a lie because there are dozens of Muslim countries in the world that aren’t included in the ban. I see that it’s bothering everyone but on the other hand, it’s a fact that 15 countries prevent Israelis from entering them and no one is bothered by that.” However, many French Jews are not convinced that she is good news for them, especially after she stated four months ago that religious symbols should be banned in public places. “Because I think that everyone in France should receive equal treatment, I also support the ban on wearing a kippah in public places,” she explained. “Frankly, the dangerous situation of the Jewish people in France is so bad that those who wear the kippah in public are the minority because the rest are scared. But I mainly think that the war against radical Islam needs to be a joint fight and everyone needs to be able to say that ‘here, we are sacrificing something.’ Maybe they will settle for just a hat but at least it will be a step toward the attempt to eliminate radical Islam in France.”

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