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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

2.5 Million Christians Have Left Iraq Since 2003

Christian woman in a Church - Erbil
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Less than 1.3 million Christians remain in the country
Christian MP in Baghdad Joseph Slewa claims that since 2003, 2.5 million Christians have fled Iraq. 

“The number of Christians who have left Iraq since 2003 has reached 2.5 million. Due to the current situation in the country, five Christian families leave Iraq every day,” said Slewa. 

“According to our information, every day between 3 and 5 Chaldean and Assyrians families leave Iraq for neighboring countries.” 

“These families fly to those countries, before trying to emigrate to Europe or the US. 

“There are less than 1.3 million Christians remaining in Iraq,” he added. 

Slewa said instability and a lack of implementation of legal protection had contributed to the exodus, alongside the current conflict with Islamic State.

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