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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Livni Says Herzog is Committed to Rotation Deal for Premiership

The Zionist Union campaign managers have tried to downplay Tzipi Livni’s role in recent days as a result of survey results that show her being much less popular than Isaac Herzog. In rumors of a unity government being formed twith Likud, it was stipulated that Livni would not be included in a rotation of the prime ministry. Nonetheless, the Zionist Union has come out with a strong statement of being committed to the rotation of the prime minister seat between Livni and Herzog in the event of their being victorious in the upcoming election.

In a recent interview with Rina Matzlaich in Kfar Saba, Livni spoke out strongly for the rotational arrangement, “Three months ago Netanyahu chose to declare unnecessary elections and overthrew his own government” Livni said. “We informed the public of our partnership – an equal partnership”.

At this point, Livni said that the media immediately started criticizing the move: “You (the media) were cynical and skeptic but it turns out that the public likes the partnership and polls immediately increased our seats in the Knesset by ten, which means hundreds of thousands of people felt this is a good alternative for them. That is how we are going to win next week”.

“At any given time, I have proved to the public, more than other politician, that I am in politics to promote my beliefs in benefitting the Israeli public,” she said with anger. The interviewer asked her why she was so aggressive in her response and she replied: “From day one you expressed how much you hate it, but the public likes it and they will decide.”

At this point, the audience started speaking up and the party’s chairman, Herzog, had to request that they allow Livni to continue speaking. “Throughout my whole political career I have proved what my considerations are and that is how I will continue to act,” Livni added.

In December, Isaac Herzog, chairman of the Labor party, and Tzipi Livni, chairman of the Tnua party, agreed to join together for the next election and, if they formed the next government, they would share the seat of Prime Minister on a rotational basis. Herzog would serve the first two years and Livni would serve the remainder. At the time of the agreement, Labor had 15 seats in the Knesset and it was not clear that Tnua had enough support to pass the 3.25% that was the new requirement for Knesset representation. It was also agreed at that time that Livni was to be second on the joint candidates list, which also included reserved slots for Hatnua MKs Amir Peretz and Amram Mitzna, but not for the Hatnua faction’s remaining three lawmakers. At the times, Livni was also in negotiations with Yesh Atid to join forces. The Zionist Union is the fourth party that Tzipi Livni has sat in, in her political career.

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