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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Netanyahu Woos Nationalist Voters At Mass Rally in Kikar Rabin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to rally the base, as he spoke Sunday evening in front of some 30,000 noisy and chanting supporters of the nationalist camp at Kikar Rabin in Tel Aviv,

“If we don’t close the gap, there is a danger that a left-wing government will come into power, despite the fact that most of the public wants me as prime minister,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu’s speech was interrupted by Israeli youths chanting “Bibi, Bibi”, “Here comes the next prime minister”, and “Buji, Buji Habaita.”

In his speech to the thousands gathered at the Kikar, Netanyahu promised that the Bayit Yehudi party would be a full partner in his next government, regardless of how many seats it receives on Tuesday. He also extended an invitation to Moshe Kahlon to serve as his Minister of Finance.

“We keep the unity of Jerusalem, we’re building in Jerusalem,” the prime minister said. “This is not the way of the left, this is not the way of Tzipi and Buji. A few months ago we announced a further construction in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. Tzipi opposed.”

“We are keeping Jerusalem, all parts of Jerusalem, under Israeli sovereignty,” he added. “We do not retreat, and we do not fold and I say this under the greatest pressures as well.”

The Likud leader called on the masses to be called to action in face of the massive amount of money that is being poured by the left to overthrow the Likud-led government. He reiterated his call, without mentioning the word “Machal”, to vote for his party in order to close the gap with the Zionist Union.

Netanyahu was followed by Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett, who pledged to call up Netanyahu on Tuesday at 10:01 pm and provide his mandates to recommend Netanyahu for PM as one technical bloc.


Bennett also surprised the crowd as he grabbed a guitar and sang “Jerusalem of Gold,” in face of the election committee’s decision to not allow singers to perform at the rally.  “The left is trying to silence us, to prevent this rally,” he told the crowd. “The Election Commission tied our hands and said we won’t sing here. And I tell you, they will not silence us, we will not stop singing.”

The crowd, mostly teenagers and middle aged right-wingers, cheered Netanyahu and Bennett, while some chose to mingle and pour their heart out of the attacks by the leftist media.

One poster at the rally referred to President Obama as ‘Hussein’.

“Hussein Obama is a recipe for trouble. Obama wants Buji [Herzog]. We will be in trouble. Oslo 2.0?” read the sign.israelex iphone new 1 188

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