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Monday, 25 May 2015

46,000 websites spreading ‘Jihadi ideology': Algeria minister

ALGIERS – Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs Mohamed Issa said Monday that there were some 46,000 internet websites promoting a “jihadist ideology”.

“Recent studies have shown that there are over 46,000 takfiri websites that are spreading jihadist ideology, which serves the interests of Daesh,” Issa said at a Monday seminar in Algeria’s Mostaghanem province.

The minister was referring to the militant group that last year seized large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

“These websites help recruit members, especially European ones, to these takfiri and jihadist groups,” Issa said.

“With terrorism being openly promoted on websites and satellite television channels, extremist religious discourse is becoming increasingly dangerous,” he added.

Issa went on to say that the Algerian state should be more proactive in regulating religious speech.

“The concept of religiosity is inseparable from that of patriotism,” he said.

Some Algerian security experts say the country’s northwestern provinces continue to host numerous Al-Qaeda-linked militants, despite an ongoing government crackdown against such groups.

In recent months, Algeria has deployed thousands of troops along its borders with Libya, Mali, Niger and Tunisia with the stated aim of preventing infiltration by militants.

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