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Monday, 29 August 2011

Israel's Ayalon: Palestinian UN Bid Could End Oslo Accord

Monday, 29 Aug 2011 04:00 PM
By Brett Sandala

Danny Ayalon, Israel, Palestinian
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Dannny Ayalon: "I believe all these issues should bind us together." (AP Photo)
A unilateral Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations General Assembly “could mean the end of the [Oslo] process as we know it,” Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon tells Newsmax.

“By going to the United Nations, [the Palestinians] specifically go against what they signed on, not once, not twice, but three or four times,” says Ayalon, who was Israel’s ambassador to Washington from 2002 until 2006.

“We also expect the countries that are signatories to this agreement, mainly the European countries who signed as witnesses . . . to dissuade them from doing this unilateral act, or in the least, to vote against it.”

A Palestinian victory at the United Nations could further destabilize an already troubled region, Ayalon indicated in the exclusive interview with Newsmax during a break at a "Christians and Jews United for Israel" summit Sunday at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Fla.

“It’s very important for all countries that have this interest of continued stability and [to] avoid international terrorism . . . or would avoid any further influx of refugees, or would also support the continued free flow of oil to the West, which is so very important.

“I believe all these issues should bind us together and tell the Palestinians you cannot just [tie] the entire international community around your fingers and just do things that are illogical, are against the contract, and are very, very damaging on the ground.”

Democratic U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who appeared with Ayalon at the summit, told Newsmax, “President Obama and the administration and congressional leadership in the United States are all working towards convincing and influencing other countries to vote against that unilateral resolution if it does come to the UN, but even more importantly . . . to dissuade the Palestinians from bringing it to a vote in the first place.”

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