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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Join the pro Israel rally outside the Royal Albert Hall in London (near the main entrance and box office).

Prom 62 features the amazing Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. However, a hatful bunch of anti-Israel protestors are planning to picket the event and we will be there to counter them. Come and wave the Israeli flag, spread the joy, and stand up for Israel! Show London and the world that we stand with Israel, the only true and free democracy in the Middle East. We will provide flags. Bring banners and signs if you can!

Stand up against boycotters, and stand up for the independence and important of art. This fine orchestra needs to be welcomed to the UK, and welcomed to the Proms. We are proud to be welcoming them, and are proud of the amazing artistic and musical standards achieved by the state of Israel.

Join us on Thursday 1st September 6-8pm. And spread the word!


Any questions? email

More info about the Prom itself:

(If you want to go to the prom afterwards, tickets are available if you queue up. Promenading tickets cost £5; you queue up and buy them on the night. You can "Prom" in the Arena--the stalls without the seats--or the Gallery, which provides a bird's-eye view. Queue at Door 11 for the Arena and Door 10 for the Gallery. But come to the rally first!)

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