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Monday, 28 November 2011

New York Quality Kosher Deli Opens in London

Your reviewer is a discerning deli consumer. Yesterday, a visit to a friend in London (who is a friend of One Jerusalem) led to lunch at London's newest Kosher restaurant. Deli West One is a welcome addition to London's culinary scene. The pastrami is sumptuous, the chicken soup is what you would expect it to be, and the salt beef is second to none. And, did I mention, the cookies are great?  Did I mention it's located in the heart of London's shopping district? 
The four partners who are financing this enterprise are motivated by wanting to offer kosher food to those who want to keep kosher, whether they are residents, workers, or tourists  Deli West One is a fun, delicious, addition to the culinary scene.
Their web-site will soon have their menu. Today, click on to their Twitter and Facebook pages from the site: Then click Like.
Here is what a local reviewer said about Deli West One:
"now there's The Deli West One: a booth-&-barstool dine-in/takeout headed by four dudes, two local, and two hailing from The Big Apple, where they learned the fine art of eating less apple, and more Ashkenazi-style home-cured & sliced sandwich-fillers.
Old-fashioned carvings include salt beef, pastrami, tongue, and turkey, all on rye/white slathered with nose-burning mustard and topped with a choice of new or sour pickles; the meats themselves are even available to take home per hundred grams -- opt for only 21 grams, and you will be totally depressed.
Other kosher goodness includes 1/4-pound all-beef hot dogs w/ 'kraut & salt beef chili, a charcuterie sandwich made w/ beef salami, and chicken on soft challah bread stuffed with a mix of crispy, crackling-like chicken skin and fried onions called "gribenes" -- a byproduct of the dish that added "The Weight" to every member of The Band in Scorcese's The Last Schmaltz.
To make every day a high holy day, they're serving a small wine list, plus beers like Sierra Nevada, Meantime, and Brooklyn -- also from The Big Apple, though will totally destroy your core."

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