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Friday, 30 January 2015

Israeli Arab ISIS member arrested, interviewed,7340,L-4616056,00.html
A few weeks ago the Israeli security services uncovered in Northern Israel six members of ISIS terror cell. The cell’s main organizer – Adnan Jameel Ala Adin - 39 years old from Nazareth, has been a successful Israeli Arab lawyer. He recruited other young Arabs to join and fight along with ISIS in Syria. In his farm they trained in assembling Molotov bombs, they bought sheep to train in beheading, all with the objective of escaping to Syria.  

On his facebook page Ala Adin posted the famous Hadith calling on Muslims to find the Jews behind the rock and to kill him. (I need the exact name of the Hadith and its number etc) He added the following: “Does anyone still have the temerity to doubt the virtue of this Hadith?

To the rest of his cell members, Ala Adin described himself as the future ISIS military chief of staff in Palestine.

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