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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Likud Minister Steinitz: Iran Could Become Nuclear If Zionist Camp Wins


Yuval Shteinits, Minister of Intelligence, Minister of International Relations and Minister of Strategic Affairs, was quoted as saying on Monday  that if the Zionist Camp under Herzog and Livni take power in the next elections, Israel will be facing grave existential threats from Iran and also from within its own borders.

When asked by Jerusalem Post Political Correspondent Gil Hoffman if Israel would be destroyed if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not reelected on March 17, Steinitz said, “I think it might be dangerous – first because if, unfortunately Herzog and Tzipi are running the country, I don’t think they can hinder the Iranian nuclear issue like Netanyahu can.”

He also praised Netanyahu’s global efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. He attributes crippling economic sanctions that have been placed on Iran to Bibi’s efforts.

Steinitz expressed fear of Labor-Hatnua’s leadership on the Palestinian issue as well, saying that if Herzog and Livni agree to withdraw from the West Bank immediately, in a few months time, or at most two years, “we will have al-Qaida, Hamas, or ISIS sitting in immediate proximity to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and this will be final result of such an arrangement. I think that Tzipi and Bugie have no understanding experience, and no determination to handle Israel’s security and our strategic needs.”

He was also, despite criticism from all directions, very supportive of Netanyahu’s decision to speak in front of congress about the Iranian nuclear issue.

In the rapid-fire question and answer section of the interview, he gave over quick insights into how he views some basic and pressing issues.

Is Abbas a terrorist?

Abbas is educating terrorists, supports terrorism, but he is not himself a terrortist.

Return to Pre-’67 borders?

A disaster

Divide Jerusalem?

Of course no. We cannot divide our capital. If we do, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will enflamethe mid-east.

Is the Labor party Zionist?

It is post Zionist, not Zionism. Anyone who calls the hatikvah racist or tells people not to send their children to the IDF is not Zionist.

Civil marriage?

People in Israel should marry by the Jewish religion

Public transportation on Shabbat

It is a municipal issue but the day of rest is our gift to the entire world.

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