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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Boycott motion flops at Reading University

Reading University capmus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Reading University capmus (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

An Israel boycott motion at Reading University’s student union failed today.

Students were able to vote from Monday to Friday this week on a motion to boycott Israeli organisations operating beyond the Green Line, but the total number of votes only reached 180, 20 below the minimum 200 needed to make a quorum or valid vote.

The motion was a re-worded version of a stronger motion put forward in April that would have affiliated the union to the international BDS movement.

The original vote was halted due to concerns it would contradict the union’s charitable status.

A statement on the union website read: “The number of total votes cast was 180 which did not meet the required quorum of 200. Therefore the policy did not pass.”

Jewish students had raised their concerns about the motion with the union.

Student union president Natalie Harper said: “We know that it is quite a controversial issue. We are committed to making sure students have the possibility to debate things whether controversial or not.”

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