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Thursday, 11 June 2015

It’s Been a Year Since The Three Boys Were Kidnapped On Their Way Home From School

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It’s Been a Year

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A year since the three boys were kidnapped
on their way home from school.
A year since we searched and prayed.
A year since we began realizing war was likely.
Last week we had air raid drills.
There were bombs on Ashkelon.
Soon it will be a year
since the boys were found murdered.
A year since the funerals.
And then a week later the war began.
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So many hard memories.
The pictures of Gil-ad, Naftali, and Eyal
that seared into our consciousness.
The masses of mourners.
Children running to bomb shelters.
Families torn apart forever.
The injured soldiers.
The dead soldiers.
The lone soldiers.
The missing soldiers.
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HaShem, isn’t the flask of our tears full?
And yet, with all the bitter memories there are sweet ones.
Our soldiers overwhelmed with heartfelt gifts.    
Caring strangers comforting mourners.
Words of caring and support sent through cyberspace.
A nation united in prayer.
What will this summer bring?
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The families of Eyal, Gil-ad, and Naftali
have founded a Jerusalem Unity Prize.
HaShem, let us truly unite.
Give a prize to all of us.
Bring us the Moshiach.

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