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Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Kosher Spoon With A Touch of Class


 It happens so stealthily this changing of season and transitioning of routine. I feel like I simply twirled from a bustling mid-school year to the start of summer fun. Though we have one more week left, there has been one end-of-year party so far. We've had our faces nuzzled into watermelon, there was a pool day, and I'm pretty certain the sun is beaming a little hotter. Yes, it's really unofficially summer. Come this time of year, I crave colorful salads. The vibrant colors and light fare a perfect combination that I turn to for lunch or dinner. Best of all, anything and everything goes. From fruits to nuts to greens and cheese, as well as bitter herbs. They all mesh together into a nutritious bowl of goodness.


 During my teenage years, it was quite common to find me on a typical Saturday night hanging out with friends at Pizza Pita. That place boasts a serious social scene, where everyone flocks for their veggie burgers, pizza and of course poutine. Ah, poutine. A Montreal staple. It’s decadence and comfort is something even Montrealers can’t resist, despite its commonality. I was beyond excited to see the recipe straight from the source in Leah Schapira’s and Victoria Dwek’s Seceret Restaurant Recipes. And best of all when I made it, it came out exactly like the one I’ve been craving from thousands of miles away. Even my husband was pleasantly surprised.


The holiday of Shavuot where cheesecake is customarily enjoyed has long passed, but I still thought I'd share this one I made. After all, it's no bake, which means you can make it all summer long without having to turn the oven on. It also has three interesting layers, each a star on its own, that come together to create a decadent bite. First there's the brown butter pretzel crust. If you've ever had brown butter, you know utterly addicting the nutty aroma and deep flavor is. And in any sweet dessert, I love incorporating a salty component for balance and the pretzel crust was just the perfect choice.
The cheescake itself has some cream cheese balanced with a slightly tart ricotta cheese and whipped cream for airiness. Of course there's chocolate. No such thing as dessert without chocolate. Then you have a generous amount of caramel sauce topped of with some candied hazelnuts. A sort of nutella inspired cheesecake, though it doesn't taste like nutella. Yes, the steps are involved, but well worth the effort. You must give it a try.

In other news, have you noticed anything different? The blog got a makeover. I'm really excited about how things came along, though there are a few things I still need to change and glitches to fix. Please, oh, please let me know if you notice anything off, it would be of tremendous help. I hope you like it. And maybe let's have cake to celebrate fresh beginnings!


Well that was a long blogging hiatus. I haven't been here in quite some time, yet in spirit and thought I'm here often enough. Though there are many reasons for this break, I'll skip right over them so we can share in something sweet. This amazing, decadent caramel sauce that's so easy to make you'll find yourself reaching for the butter and cream more often than you'd like. It's made with brown sugar instead of the prevalent caramelized white sugar kind, which lends it a robust flavor and deep amber color. I made it specifically for this cake, but I found myself smearing it on anything and everything. It pairs really well with crisp apple slices, making it a perfectly legitimate and acceptable breakfast option.

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