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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Odeon in U-turn over ban on men at screening of Charedi film

By Rosa Doherty, June 10, 2015
An Odeon cinema (Photo: Commons
An Odeon cinema (Photo: Commons
The Odeon group has said it will not refuse entry to men to a film being screened as part of the London Israeli Film Festival.
Israeli Charedi film-maker Rechy Elias said she did not want men to see her historical romance, Gift of Fire.
Venues JW3 and the Odeon cinema in Swiss Cottage had agreed to a “female only audience” despite complaints from men who have requested to see the film.
Bu, in a u-turn, the Odeon said on Wednesday that they would lift the restriction.
A spokesman said: “We will not restrict entry to the film on the grounds of gender. If men want to buy tickets, they can.”

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