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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Evidence is emerging that the PSC tolerates antisemitism

Follow the links.  Make a judgment about whether and why and how the Palestine Solidarity Campaign tolerates antisemitism.  Debates on defining antisemitism should begin with a detailed look at the phenomenon being defined.
The SPSC hosted  Gilad Atzmon.
The SPSC commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day by blaming “Zionists” for the Holocaust.
A leading member of the SPSC, John Wight, wrote an article in the Morning Star a year later claiming that the Palestinians “hold a unique place as the Holocaust’s forgotten victims”. He defended this article by reference to a neo-Nazi website and by blaming “international Jewry” for Zionism “against which is arrayed the forces of human progress.”
My union, the UCU, is affiliated to the PSC.  But then, we know that my union has a problem with institutional antisemitism.
How about your union?  Is your union funelling money and support into the PSC?
How about your MP?

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