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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Video: “Final Call” to Hindus – Convert to Islam Or Get Killed!

RAWALPINDI: In the latest video series of self proclaimed defence analyst Zaid Hamid, he is seen giving a final call to Hindus to convert to Islam. He also tells Hindus not to blame him for the consequences. So what’s claimed to be a peaceful call to Islam, seems more like a threat.
He says this is the message to be conveyed to all the Hindus and “Hindu Pandits” who deliberately hide the true message of Islam from the masses. He also equates Hindus with the Jews. Zaid Hamid openly threats the Hindus that if they don’t convert and accept Islam, they will be responsible for their ill-fate themselves.
He pretended to be speaking on behalf of all the Muslims and acted as the supreme leader of the Muslim ummah. Here’s the clip from his series which he released a couple of days ago.

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