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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The people of Israel need your help right now‏

 The people of Israel need your help right now, and I know that I can count on you and our coreligionists.   As you know the relations with Turkey started to sour as soon as the presently Islamist government got into power in Turkey.   
The handwriting for the future was on the wall then.   Since then things have gone from bad to worse.   In an extreme provocation they enabled Islamic extremists to organize the flotila in which the Marmara was the flagship.   The idea was to provoke Israel into an armed response.   Their wishes were indeed answered and the blood of the Turkish holigans is really on the hands of the Turkish government.   The Turkish government did everything they could do to delay or kill the Palmer Commission's report which was made at the request of the UN Secretary General.   A few days ago, Clinton tried to help them, but her efforts failed after the NY Times leaked the report on the Internet.   The Turks demand that we appologize and pay reparations to the 'Turkish Islamic Freedom fighters' that attacked our marine commandos with knives and axes on the Marmara.   
Of course, there is not a 'snowballs chance in hell' that they will get the Jewish State to crawl on its knees as they made all the European ambassadors do at the Sultan's Palace under the Ottoman Empire.  They have now expelled our ambassador from Ankara and today the segregated the Israeli passengers on the Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul, took away their Israeli passports, strip searched every man and woman, and delayed their entry into the country.   Israeli news reports that the 'action' at the Attaturk International Airport in Istanbul was called for by the 'highest level' of the Turkish government.   Their next plan is to send another boat-load of Islamic extremists to Gaza with so-called humanitarian aid, and this time it will be escorted by Turkish warships.   
The Palmer report stated that the Israeli action in stopping the boats was completely legal.  That is why the Turkish government really did not want the report publicized.   Of course, to be 'even-handed' the UN Palmer report stated that we should appologize to the Turks and pay reparations.   In a pig's ear!   When sovereign governments rightfully protect themselves, they do not have to appologize for their actions.   The antisemites always say that we use excessive force.   Well, two weeks ago, Beer-Sheva near where we live was bombarded by about 15 or so Hamas/Jihad grad missiles.  We would go into our shelter (40 cm reinforced concrete walls and roof) after being wakened up at all hours of the day and night.   One day we did this four times.  One of their attacks caught me in the shower with shampoo on my head.  One house in Beer-Sheva was hit by a grad and a person killed.   A high school gym was hit also.  A grad fell about a half mile from our Son's house in nearby Lehavim and the giant boom obviously frightened the little grandchildren.  When I mention this to my European friends, they tell me that they did not hear about any of this.   Hamas/Jihad fired over 150 rockets at our cities and villages during a period of less than a week.  Rockets were fired every day for two days AFTER the 'cease fire' was declared by the Arabs.
That was a digression, sorry.  If the Turks send another Marmara with Turkish warships escorting it, it is causus-belli for a war.   What can American Jews do.
(1) Bring all of the above to the attention of other Jews.  You are our only allies.
(2) organize demonstrations against Turkish Airlines.
(3) organize a boycott against buying anything made in Turkey.
(4) now for the most important part- organize demonstrations protesting the Turkish genocide of over one million Armenians.  This is a particularly sensitive point with the Turks.  They want the world to forget what horrible things they did.   They will go ballistic over this and they have to know that the Jews will keep on reminding the world about this until Turkey behaves itself.  A few months ago when things started to go very badly with the Turks, the Keneset had a memorial session in memory of the massacred Armenians.  The Turks really did not like this reminder.  In the demonstrations have some coffins symbolizing the Armenian dead.
(5) get the Armenian problem raised in the US Congress.

That is it for now.  Thanks for your help- Robert

Prof. Robert Glaser
Department of Chemistry
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer-Sheva  84105, ISRAEL

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