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Friday, 9 September 2011

Pure Hatred of Scottish Jews on Facebook

A SICK Facebook group has been created that mocks Glasgow's Jewish community.
"Welcome to Israel, only kidding you're in Giffnock" has almost 1,000 members in just a short time.
And the Jewish community in Glasgow is outraged at the comments on the page, such as 'Martin Conway's' comment: "F**k the Jewish Zionists," while 'Nicos Eloul', of Glasgow, ranted: "All the jews are f**king rich c**ts they have gold plated bentleys chauffeur drivin n awl." (sic)

'Omar Olivialivzz Ali' said: "Newton Mearns is more like Israel." 'Greg McGill' responded: "You mean Jewton Mearns"
Gemma Cowan, of Newton Mearns, told the Jewish Telegraph: "I think it's disgusting that 930 people have approved of this page.
"It needs to be taken off immediately. Some of the comments are very worrying for local people.
"This is racism, it is completely inappropriate and the perpetrators should be dealt with by the police and given a talking to."
Josh Karpf, who grew up in Newton Mearns, said: "I think it is absolutely disgusting that certain narrow-minded people are making such rash statements.
"They don't understand what they're saying. It's stupidity, complete antisemitism and racism to the absolute core.

"Groups like that can start as jokes between friends, but they can develop into more."
The 24-year-old business development manager, addressing Jews who comment on the page, added: "I think Jewish people need to take responsibility for the comments that they make.
"And those who are happy to let these groups exist are just wrong in every single way. Everybody needs to take notice of these things and they need to be dealt with accordingly."
The group's profile picture is of the late Holocaust survivor Rev Ernest Levy with a comment: "They have a Gaelic translation in the train station, Hebrew would have been more appropriate."

Ephraim Borowski, director of Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, said: "It is ironic that this appalling Facebook page should have been created in the same week as the First Minister reiterated his Government's determination to tackle religious hatred, and the Lord Advocate assured us of the seriousness with which the authorities are tackling antisemitic abuse."
Daniel Clapham, vice-president of Glasgow Jewish Representative Council: "We welcome the fact that the police are treating the implicit threat very seriously and investigating the source of the comments."

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