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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


c/o Tundra Tabloids-
Thanks to Dennis Mitzner for the heads up on this story.Not only does the Norwegian government have high ranking officials that sympathize with Hamas, it’s also sending aid money to the Palestinian Authority that goes directly to the pockets of convicted terrorists sitting in Israeli jails.

What other proof is needed in order to characterize the Norwegian government as a hostile political entity towards the Jewish state of Israel? This political cadre of radical, extremist Leftists that make up the Norwegian regime, are representative of the political culture of Norway, and need to be exposed for what they are and for what they are doing. They’re a menace to normal functioning democracies.

Kudos to the journalist, Jorgen  Gilbrant for this detailed and interesting article. For some time now they’ve been a complete embarrassment to every normal Norwegian who holds a balanced view of Israel and the conflict, hopefully this article’s highlighting of their irresponsible behavior becomes the catalyst in bringing about a deep change in the way they conduct future business and international politics. One can only hope. KGS

NOTE: Thanks to PMW -cited as a source for the report- for doing the important work of exposing all the hidden goings on associated with the PA.

Five of the sixty-six: Here are five of the victims after a suicide bomber blew up a bomb made ​​from terrorist Barghoutis Abdallah, who is entitled to 6000 million in salary in addition to other social benefits because he sits in an Israeli prison.

From top left: Hemda (2), Mordechai, Ra’aya (14), Tzira and Yitzhak (4). Photo: EPA / Israleske authorities

- Norwegian aid money goes to pay terrorists

JAbdallah Barghoutis bombs killed 66 people. Now he gets paid 6000 dollars a month while he sits in prison.

(Dagbladet): 9 August 2001, a man walked into the restaurant Sbarro the heart of Jerusalem, carrying a guitar case. In the guitar, was a bomb between five and ten pounds, wrapped in nails, screws and bolts,  to do as much damage as possible....

Schijveschuurder family was visiting Jerusalem to relax a few days, and seven family members were eating when the restaurant was turned into a living hell by the homemade suitcase bomb.

A total of 15 people died and 130 were injured in the suicide attack, but the family Schijveschuurder were hardest hit. Mora Tzira and father Mordechai died both in the terrorist attack. In addition, dead little Hemda (2), her brother Yitzhak (4) and sister Ra’aya (14). Two more sisters were injured in the attack which was carried out during the second intifada.

Three older brothers who were out to eat, identified the bodies of his parents and siblings later the same day.

The man who built the suitcase bomb named Abdallah Barghouti – “Hamas” engineer “a man who has admitted that he was the brains behind a series of terrorist attacks similar to that which struck Sbarro restaurant. A total of 66 people died of Barghoutis bombs before he was arrested in 2004 and today he has 67 life sentences in Israeli prison.

Terror engineer get pay rise

According to the guard dog Pal Watch (pdf) adopted the Palestinian Authority (PA) 13 April this year a new set of regulations for prisoners who have participated in “the struggle against the occupation.” The organization writes that the new regulations are only a formalization of what already has been the practice for a long time.

The new regulations are good news for terrorist Abdullah Barghouti. Thanks to the new regulations, he or his family secured 6,000 thousand in salary each month. In addition, his family, gets cheaper education and other financial support, thanks to that he is serving for terrorism.

Abdullah Barghoutis family will soon get better advice, then, in fact the family father served ten years of his 67 life sentences and will get a pay rise of 50 percent.

Abdullah Barghouti is one of 5,500 prisoners who receive salaries from the PA while he is serving a terror-related conviction in Israeli prisons, and only the resistance to the occupation that gives the right to this type of performance. Sit in Israeli prison for a petty theft, you get no reward.

Salary increases

Watch Pal citing the PA’s official newspaper, al-Hayat, the new regulations (facsimile in the right margin) and believe that the donor countries to the Palestinian Authority must stop the flow of money to prevent terrorism is a way to feed their families.

In al-Hayat article that was published 15 April this year, states that the payments depends on the “PA get into NOK support.”

Here is a summary of the PA’s support for terrorists who serve in the Israeli jails:

• Total PA pays 27 million in direct wages to terrorists.

• You earn more the longer you sit in jail, but already from day one is arrested, you get a monthly salary of 2,100 kroner (minimum wage).Those who have spent five years in prison is 6000 per month, while those who have spent over 30 years in prison, gets over 18 000 paid.

• In addition to salary, the prisoners supplement of 450 million, plus an additional 70 per child they have under 18.

• Of the total wage bill to the PA, the 2.5 per cent in wages to prisoners. Further 3.5 per cent goes to families of “martyrs”.

Norway plays key role

Norway is the leader of the Donor Group for the Palestinians, whose purpose is “to work together to bring the peace process until the goal of a two-state solution.” Donor countries are channeling money through the PA to build a future Palestinian state. Norway contributed with new 240 million this spring.

Money that goes to pay the terrorists, according to Pal Watch.

Norway is thus one of the most important countries Pal Watch turn to when they ask that the direct support to the PA cut to prevent support for terrorism.

13. April, the same day that the new rules for salary payments to terrorists was taken, said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store the following in the wake of a meeting of the Donor Group:

- I note with satisfaction that the Palestinian government’s delivery of public services and the implementation of reforms, according to the World Bank comes out well in comparison with many middle-income countries. In addition, reports the International Monetary Fund, Palestinian reforms has come so far that the public financial management are not only prepared to support a state’s functions, but even become a model for other developing countries, said the Minister.

UD: – social benefits

Dagbladet has set the government a series of questions regarding Pal Watch information, but the Foreign Ministry rejects the issues and reviews wage payments such as social benefits.

- PA is the same as other countries a variety of schemes for social transfers to its citizens, including persons who are in prison. Social benefits to families of Palestinians in Israeli prisons are part of the total Palestinian welfare and social security system and is intended to compensate for loss of income. Such social transfers have been made as long as the PA has been around and have a social justification, including consideration of children in the family, writes Frode Overland Andersen in the MFA in an email.

The prisoners have higher average salaries than teachers, soldiers and others who perform key functions of a future Palestinian state, does not comment on UD.

MFA believes that neither the adoption of a new law:

- PA said that it adopted new legislation of importance to this type of welfare schemes in the past. There is however a bill from the jail inmates’ interest group that is not adopted and that probably does not want to be treated in the near future, writes Overland Andersen on.

- Norway has continuous contact with the PA and other donors to ensure that our assistance to the Palestinian Authority is in line with expectations.

Hans Olav Syversen (KRF) is the leader of Israel’s friends in Parliament. He expects that the Foreign Ministry assured that the money Norway gives to the PA is not going to support for terrorists and their families.

- I will follow this up within the next week, said Syversen told Dagbladet.

- Solidarity

Hussein Ibish, a leading member of the American Task Force on Palestine, rejecting the report from Palestinian Media Watch, and believe they attack a practice that has lasted a long time and that the Israeli government objects to.

- PA has provided scholarships to all Palestinians who are imprisoned in Israel since the administrative organization was formed in 1994. It includes some people I would regard as terrorists. The money goes mainly to the prisoners’ families to take care of them. It is a gesture of solidarity, not a single prisoner, but a whole group of prisoners, says Ibish to Fox News .

Itamar Marcus, an author of the report and director of Palestinian Media Watch, said that several Republican politicians are working on a bill to prevent U.S. support to the PA, as long as they pay out salaries to terrorists or their families.

The Israeli embassy in Oslo did not want to comment on the report.


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