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Monday, 8 September 2014

Israeli Diplomat Accuses Irish “Brutish Masses” of “Wild, Deep-Seated Jew Hatred”

modai israeli ambassador

Boaz and Nurit Modai, Israel’s Irish-hating diplomats in Dublin

In this blog, I’ve often covered the scenery-chewing paranoiac ramblings of Israel’s ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai and his wife, the deputy ambassador, Nurit Tinari-Modai.  During Operation Protective Edge, Irish activists held rousing protests outside the Israeli embassy in which they dramatized their opposition to the slaughter in Gaza.  Political allies of the activist community in the Irish parliament said publicly that the Israeli diplomats should be expelled.  Naturally, given the nuttiness I documented here, it’s no surprise the Irish left has had enough of the Modai hasbara road show.

Summoned to parliament in recent days, Modai has lashed out at the protesters accusing them of anti-Semitic hate reminiscent of 1930s Germany.  In other words, he’s accused them of being Nazis without using the word explicitly

Ms. Tinari-Modai gave a Hebrew interview (audio) to Galey Tzahal (IDF Radio) in which she  went, if possible, even farther off the deep end.  Here’s what she said in part:

Ireland is divided into three parts: there’s the indifferent majority, the Righteous Gentiles who are activists for Israel, and the incited, anti-Semitic, brutish masses harboring a profound, deep-rooted, rapacious hatred of Jews.  Behind the mask of concern for the rights of Palestinians they blame Israel for crimes against humanity, for [perpetrating] a Shoah [against Palestinians], and being the personification of evil.  They burn Israeli flags and vandalize stores selling Israeli products.  They throw goods on the floor, it’s complete hysteria.  They protested here in every city last weekend.  This is frustrating, it’s challenging, but we have no other choice than to be victorious.

She added that seventy years ago the Nazis dehumanized the Jews of Europe.  They made them subhumans which permitted their eventual extermination.  Today, in Ireland, she claimed, there was a similar ‘absolute dehumanization’ of the Israeli, the Zionist by Irish anti-Semites.  Though she doesn’t say it explicitly, the unspoken corollary is that a future Shoah against Israel could being right there in Ireland.  She raises the dreaded “domino” effect, saying such hatred will begin in Ireland but won’t end there.  It will spread like the plague to Britain and from there throughout Europe.  This mirrors a similar warning of the contagion of radical Islam which they swore would begin in Ireland and spread throughout Europe till there was no more civilization and it had all been turned into an Islamic state.

The embassy offered a bowdlerized translation of her remarks for the Irish public which significantly (but not completely) toned down the intensity of her rhetoric.  Unfortunately, Irish media accepted this false representation of her remarks without bothering to get their own translation.

Hey, I don’t know about you, but if I was the foreign minister of any country which employed a diplomat spewing such invective against the local population I’d have him recalled and on a plane home so fast his head would spin.  But clearly, Modai’s role in Ireland is to provoke the country’s left-wing on behalf of some imagined pro-Israel agenda.  He does precisely what his bosses in Tel Aviv want him to do.  They don’t want good relations with Ireland, they only want to make a point.  God help the country whose diplomats have no interest in diplomacy, but rather in hard-headed provocation of their hosts.

The Israeli foreign ministry has, over the past few years, harbored its share of miscreants, sex offenders, and brutalists.  None of it seems to phase Netanyahu or Lieberman.

The wonder is that the Irish political class, even those who aren’t on the left, have stood for this outrageous conduct.  What will it take before these Israeli loons go too far and alienate even the political establishment?

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