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Saturday, 5 April 2014

John Kerry: 'Reality check’ time's up for more talks'

As the Middle East peace process again appears in free fall, with another year wasted, it is only right the Isrealis step aside from a weak American President and his broker John Kerry. The only way to achieve a Jewish state is to hope a tourn around in the fortunes of the a Republicans Party in the U.S  

Having vowed to implement a framework for a deal by the end of this month, U.S Secretary of State then said that he would seek an extension for talks, but now, after this week’s developments, even that looks impossible.

Just as with every round of talks over the decades, Abbas has shown himself to be a dishonest partner, presiding a divided nation with Hamas unwilling, and uncommitted to peace. Time has come for Israel to push on with the new 700 homes construction as the so-called peace talks seem to be more distant than ever with the Palestinians continually introducing more demands despite Israel meeting all pre-existing conditions. 

Mahmoud Abbas Saeb Erekat

Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat during meeting of the Palestinian leadership to discuss Israeli-Palestinian peace talks this week. Photo: Atef Sfadi/EPA

While Israel continues to take part in this so-called peace process Hamas is quietly amassing hundreds of short and long reach rockets and weapons. All the while, the Israelis long committed to a peaceful path, have also agreed to take part, with White House's John Kerry as a broker believing the other partners to be honest. But it is now too late. 

If Israel will ever achieve their aim of Jewish state, it is clear that it will get there not with this current U.S. Administration behind it, and it is only right that it should finally, given up on John Kerry.

Renaud Sarda

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