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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

British Special Forces Told to 'Save The Last Bullet for Yourself' Rather Than Be Taken by ISIS "Fight to the last man."

The SAS, England’s elite special forces have been ordered to “fight to the last man” rather than be taken alive by ISIS.

According to The Daily Star, “The soldiers have also been told 'save the last bullet for yourselves' if they are 'surrounded and without hope of being rescued,' because as SAS commanders put it, 'it would be virtually impossible to rescue them because the militants move prisoners daily.'"

The orders follow the brutal murder of the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive after being shot down and captured by ISIS. 

“The SAS have been told that if they are captured they can expect to be tortured before being beheaded, disemboweled or burned alive," a source told the Daily Star. "They know there is virtually no chance of being rescued….Most of the guys would never let themselves be taken prisoner – not by Islamic State.”

And that is why the SAS carry pistols as their secondary weapon according to the source. 

“That’s why we carry pistols. It’s our secondary weapon,” said the source.  “But it also allows us the choice of topping ourselves when all hope has gone. Better that than giving away where your mates are operating.”

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