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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

"Advanced Islamist Democracy" Turkey's new plan to give incentives to women marrying early!

"Advanced Islamist Democracy" Turkey's new plan to give incentives to women marrying early! (AlMonitor). 

The Justice and Development Party government is offering incentives to encourage university students to get married before graduation and to have more than three children

Erdogan who was then prime minister told the girls: "Don’t delay your marriage. Decide quickly and marry while you are studying or immediately after graduation — the minute you find your destiny [kismet]. Don’t be too selective. If you are, you won’t achieve it.” 

Immediately after Erdogan's remarks at TURGEV, the Ministry of Families and Social Policies announced a subsidy of 10,000 Turkish lira ($4,000) to couples that marry early

An additional carrot was offered by Davutoglu who said home savings accounts will be offered to young married couples, with the government adding 15% to the amount saved in five years, if the account remains untouched. If the money in the account is taken out within four years, the subsidy will be 10% and it is reduced to 5% if used in three years. 

Another promise Davutoglu made in a series of incentives was to reward childbearing mothers with gold coins.

Davutoglu explained: “Each mother after giving birth will receive 300 lira [$120] as a gift from the state. That equals half a gold coin. This gift will be [increased to] 400 lira [$160] for the second child and 600 lira [$240] for the third. It will be the state that will pin the first gold coin on the mother and the baby.” Hmmm......I wonder when they will introduce the Cross of Honorof the Turkish Mother? Ein Ummah ....Ein Fuhrer? Read the full story here.

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