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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Why are Liberals Afraid To Admit They’re Marxists?

Most contemporary liberals use phrases like social
justice, social welfare, social equality and are loud
proponents of socialism. Yet, when you ask them if they’re Marxists or
Communists they’re usually offended. Why is that?Karl Marx first coined the
term socialism and it’s used widely in his epic work, The Communist
Manifesto. The theories presented by Marx to promote socialism are the same ones
being used today. Marx’s socialist theories were the bedrock for Vladimir Lenin’s
practical application of socialism in Soviet Russia. Marxism morphed into
Marxism-Leninism which morphed into Communism. This is
historical fact.
So, liberals who espouse socialism are Marxists.
There are only two reasons why they are not willing to admit it: Ignorance or

The rhetoric of Marxism is appealing, especially to the
young. It describes a virtual utopia of equality and well-being. It’s so
persuasive that it’s been used to justify the
mass murder of populations in numerous countries over the last century.

Those who loudly promote the goals of Marxism, socialism,
are very careful not to discuss the history of populations putting that theory
into practice. Therefore, the young, unworldly, uneducated, and suffering are
quick to adhere to the utopian vision. They’re not exposed to the real
nightmare that accompanies it.

Who hides the truth of Marxism, socialism, to lead the
well-intended but uneducated astray? These are the second group of Marxism
deniers: The deceivers.

Educated Marxists, socialists, know there’s never been a
successful Marxist government. They know that millions have died trying to
achieve socialism. They just believe they’ve got it right this time. They
believe Marxism can deliver the utopian goals without the anarchy, economic
ruin, and bloodshed it consistently delivers.

There’s no change in Marxist theory between the past and the
present. There’s no change in Marxist tactics for societal transition between
the past and the present. There’s no reason to believe the results will be any
different between the past and future.

This is why deceivers don’t want to be labeled Marxists:
There’s no reason to believe another attempt at socialism, this time in
America, will end any differently than it did in the Soviet Union, China,
Cambodia, or Cuba. So, they can’t afford to have the discussion – or the label.

****source; moralnorth

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