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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lacking State Funds, Yishai Reveals List of Donors

eli Yishai

A week after the website, Kol Hazman (all the time), demanded parties to reveal their election campaign donors as required by law, the party Yachad, headed by MK Eli Yishai did so. The party stipulates that the list will be updated every few days and the names of new donors will be added.

Following are the names of donors: Said Moadi (Kfar Yarcha) – ₪ 10,000; Joseph Baron (Jerusalem) – ₪ 11,500; Claude Srour (Tel Aviv) – ₪ 10,000; Beni Gabriel (Ashdod) – ₪ 11,500; Shamir Maria (Ashdod) – ₪ 11,480; Ben Eli Mirvi (Ashdod) – ₪ 11,480.

Guarantees: Developer David Ashush (Ashkelon) – ₪ 500,000; Jacob Bakst (Jerusalem) – ₪100,000; Hubert Faraj (Netanya) - ₪200,000.

The demand was sent because the party Yachad is not eligible for government financing for political parties as are other lists, because out of all the members of the list there are only two Knesset members and they did not break away from the same party. By law, only a third of a faction which splits is eligible for government funding of elections. Therefore, the party will be financed by the state, unless they exceed the threshold.

It should be recalled, that three weeks ago the spiritual leader of Yachad Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Mazuz wrote in response to his students that according to a halachic ruling it is allowed to contribute money from tithes (maser) for funding the party during the election campaign. A disciple of Rabbi Moshe wrote in his question: “Can we help the new movement with donations from our ma’aser money, like all the other mitzvot, or does torah law not allow it? “In response Hagaon Rabbi Moshe replied:” You may help with ma’aser funds that are for the purpose of heaven – if the amount is allowed by the law. “

Last month the  Kulanu party chairman, Moshe Kahlon, declined to disclose the names of his donors, but following media pressure he accepted the request of the journalist Raviv Drucker and revealed the names of his donors. Nili Even Chai, Economic Director of the Movement for Quality Government had said, referring to his refusal, “The issue of transparency is something the public needs to know. That he does not want to disclose  can be a factor in their decision who to vote for. I have no idea who are the donors “.

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