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Monday, 14 July 2014

Muslim mob attacks Jews in Paris




Posted by Melanie Phillips

By Jonathan-Simon Sellem 

I'm in Paris.

I saw these videos where they shout "Death to the Jews" in the streets of Paris. But the truth is that with a video, we were still not well aware of this reality.

So when I got completely by chance, to Republic Square in the middle of the afternoon, and I saw this pro-Palestinian rally, I first paid attention to me ... But I wanted to see closely.

I do not have the peace of mind enough to write as it should. It's too hot.

But then:

- Death to the Jews!

- Death to Ashkenazi!

- Hitler was right

- We're gonna burn out

- White Sales!

- Hamas Resistance!

- Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!

- Palestine must finish the job (note: started by Hitler)

At the microphone, to approach the Place de la Bastille, (yes, the microphone also) also shout "Death to the Jews! "- And the call to prayer, more than 2,000 people answered" Allah Ouakbar. "Even protesters who look of any except Muslims. But appearances can be deceiving.

In restaurants passersby do not know what to say. In any case, they do not dare move. France has worked the same way: the good people were too scared to move.

We see Palestinian flags, Algeria, Iraq. Signs of support to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Not a word about the children of Syria. Carnage on Sudan. On slavery in Qatar. On women's rights in Saudi Arabia. On tolerance, respect and love. Simply hate. Eyes that scream "puncture! "

And even ... And even a replica of a Palestinian missile that crashed on an Israeli nursery is on parade. Widely applauded. Those who can, embrace it. Others touch it. Admire it.

200,000 deaths in Syria. This afternoon demonstration in Paris to denounce the 150 dead in Gaza.

Rue des Rosiers, rue de la Roquette, place Voltaire, violence. Wounded also, at least 4. Blood. The blood of innocents.

And in the streets, scooters reversing. Police who stay silent. Jews who lock themselves in synagogues.

"Fuck the Jews" boulevard Voltaire. Sticks, keffiyeh and "death to Jews" in St. Paul. Pillage of "Jewish shops" in Rue de Turenne.

In the marsh, fifty barbarians, iron bars in hand, stroll to provoke fear. And hit. And hurt. Break the Yid. Manuel Valls had ordered in more troops to protect the Jewish minority of France which is forced to hide in the halls of buildings in the centre of Paris.

On the Boulevard Beaumarchais, projectiles are sent flying towards the forces of order, who have responded with tear gas shot.

In the processions of this event, I believe that 90% are Muslims and Arabs. Above all, "do not generalize. "But frankly, I smell a rat.

Tonight I invite my co-religionists to observe a curfew. The "peace in Palestine" militias could take up a good part of the evening. However, this is expected to break at 1:30 at the time of the final of the World Cup. Do not take unnecessary risks. You are in France and no-one will move to rescue you.

 The original French article in JSS News can be accessed here.

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