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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Big Jewish rally in Jerusalem against taking revenge on Arabs

About 1000 Jewish protesters marched today in Jerusalem in a peaceful rally which marked the end of a 24 hrs of both Jews and Arabs riot against each other in revenge - "This (revenge) is not the way of Jews and Israelis "What we seen yesterday in Jerusalem dont represent our ways".

The rally inclded politicians,public figures,Rabbis and regular citizens. 

"Israel wont let the radicals to dictate us our lives, not from our side, and not from the Palestinian one" said Labor chairman Hertzog. "Jews and Arabs will have to live inthis land for ever. and that is why we must push aside any attempt to hurm the delicate relations between us- The radicals are trying to take us into a cycle of blood, bot most of the Jewish and Arab publics wish to live in peace."

Rabbi Benny Law went against the calls for revenge at Arabs and said: "There is allot of evil in this world but we must vanish it by light, not by darkness".


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