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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Operation Protective Edge Situation Update - Day 3

Dear Renaud,

Action you can take to help

Our most urgent request is that you email your MP to tell them you support Israel’s right to defend itself. All the details of how to do this are here:
I must stress how important this is. MPs are being deluged by letters attacking Israel orchestrated by hostile campaigners and this is distorting how they are seeing the situation.
Once you have written to your MP please email me at to let me know which MP you contacted. We need to track how many MPs have been contacted and what their replies are.
Those of you in Israel at the moment or with friends or relatives there might submit some thoughts when you get time over the next few days to the Guardian newspaper’s Witness post on what life is like in Israel at the moment. It is open for the next 6 days and you can upload anything from video to text:
Please also consider writing short, succinct letters to the letters pages of local, regional and national newspapers setting out the impact of the Hamas rocket attacks on people and places you know in Israel, and the basic points about Israel’s right to defend itself as per the draft letter to MPs (

Day 3: Key Developments

  • IDF reports state 84 rockets hit Israel since midnight and Iron Dome intercepted 12.
  • Over 550 rockets have been fired towards Israel since the beginning of the operation.
  • The IDF has targeted over 60 Hamas targets in Gaza today and over 800 since the start of the operation.
  • Iron Dome has maintained a success rate of over 90%.
  • 80 Palestinians have died since the beginning of the operation.
  • Since the start of the operation, Magen David Adom has treated over 70 wounded Israeli citizens, many suffering from shock.
  • Prime Minister Cameron made a phone call to Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly condemning the attacks by Hamas.
  • Spokesman Yigal Palmor of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Hamas were firing rockets from ‘within houses and streets and neighbourhoods which are populated with civilians.’
  • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that Israel has ‘legitimate security concerns’.
  • Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor accuses Hamas of trying to implement a genocidal agenda against Israel.
  • Over 200 trucks of goods and supplies from Israel have entered Gaza since the start of the operation.

Day 3: Media Developments

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Best wishes,

Luke Akehurst
Director, We Believe in Israel

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