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Sunday, 13 March 2011

As dying Libyan rebels scream, “Where’s Obama?” Obama plays golf.

 For the past few days, the calls for a no-fly zone and just general military help from the US under Obama have intensified. These calls have been coming from the Arab League, Britain, and, most significantly, the very Libyan rebels on the front lines of the fight. The rebels have suffered key setbacks in the last few days, with the most prominent one being their loss of the Libyan city of Ras Lanuf, as Gaddafi’s forces used their air superiority to pound the living daylights out of the fighters on the ground. Rebels being massacred on the front lines have actually been heard to shout, “Where’s Obama?” in their desperation. However, President Obama epitomized the indifference of his attitude to the Libyan rebels yesterday, playing a round of golf at Joint Base Andrews instead of helping them out.
Obama’s lack of action—at this point, it should more accurately be described as either total lack of compassion or utter impotence—has been criticized increasingly and from all over the place as the Libyan civil war has continued. Obama’s taking fire from conservatives who want him to show backbone and stand up to a human rights-abusing terrorist in Gaddafi, and he’s also under fire from even traditional wimp “allies” like France, whose President Sarkozy has actually talked tough more to the tune of what conservatives would expect from an American president. Heck, even the Arab League is acting more morally clearly than Obama regarding this situation, as they at least see the need to stop a potential massacre of poorly armed rebels. And when the Arab League—with all the barbarity and Sharia nonsense in their culture—acts with more decisiveness than an American president, you know said American president is just not living up to the responsibilities of the office.
In a story from the AFP (Agence France-Presse), a Libyan rebel only in his teens by the name of Mahmoud Ibrahim was quoted, while he sobbed in a tactical retreat, as saying, “Where’s Obama? Tell Obama to help us.” Sorry kid, the American president in the White House at the moment is a girlie-man and a linguini-spined Democrat. And Democrats have historically not been committed to wanting to use the US military to help oppressed people overseas, despite the US military having a noble record of being used for such purposes. Just witness Bill Clinton’s inaction in the 1990s when the Rwanda genocide was happening for one, prior example of Democrats letting a race of persecuted people down. Someone better tell this Mahmoud Ibrahim kid (if he’s still alive today, that is) that mostly only Republican presidents are big on using the US military to actually kill bad guys!
Sure, there are technical reasons not to intervene at this point. There’s the fact that the US is still involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though Iraq is largely pacified. There’s the massive US deficit, which doesn’t really permit the country to support any further big interventions overseas. And, finally, there’s the chronic wimp attitude of the Obama White House, which refuses to do anything unless it is either sanctioned by the almighty UN or has some kind of mass-backing from inferior third world countries, just to make any action look “multilateral!”
However, at this point, when there are reports of potential massacres of poorly armed rebels, does that really seem like the best time for Obama to turn his back and play golf (his 61st time in total)?!! When a hated US enemy in Gaddafi, who has perpetrated major terrorist acts against the US and thus far gotten away with it, is the one doing the slaughtering, does it still seem like a wise idea not to at least provide enough protection so the rebels can go and kill him? Any way you cut it, this is just episode 302,401 that proves that Obama is not leadership material.
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