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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

12 Ways You Can Help Hazon Yeshaya

Dear Friends,

"This place is amazing!"
"I want to come back and volunteer here again."
"We should help these guys - they seem really real!"

As visitors leave the Hazon Yeshaya Humanitarian Center in Jerusalem, these are the comments we hear again and again. But then our new friends return home and their memories fade. And, because Hazon Yeshaya doesn't believe in wasting money on advertising, all those good intentions are too often forgotten.

So here are 12 ways you can help Hazon Yeshaya today:

1. If you are visiting Israel this summer, come and volunteer during the morning hours. If you come with a group, please pre-book with our coordinator:

2.Tell your friends who are visiting Israel that they must include Hazon Yeshaya in their itinerary.

3. Visit our website and make a one-off or monthly donation online.
4. Send a link to our website to a friend who might like to make a donation - we now have the website translated into Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Hebrew and Chinese!

5. Join our Facebook Group and tell all your friends about the work of Hazon Yeshaya in Israel.

6.  Use Facebook Causes to create a Birthday Wish and ask your friends to make a donation in your name to benefit Holocaust SurvivorsIsraeli childrenor unemployed Israeli women.

7. Organize an event in your community or school to benefit Hazon Yeshaya.

8. Suggest that your local Federation, synagogue or church organization raise money for the poor in Israel and donate it through Hazon Yeshaya.

9. Invite Abraham Israel to come and speak in your community.

10. Click here to watch our new video on YouTube and share it with your friends and family members.

11. Recommend Hazon Yeshaya as a Mitzvah Project for a relative's Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

12. Sponsor a meal for the poor on the day of someone's wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday or yarzheit - contact to find out how.  

All the best,

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