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Saturday, 4 June 2011

New Antisemitism – Call for action

The Engage website has greeted the latest campaign to rubberstamp institutionalized Antisemitism within the UCU with many posts and articles that reveal the extent with which this teachers union will go to bury its inherent single minded racism against its Jewish members.
The fiery debate has extended to an overabundance of posts and articles, laying bare with logic the union’s active steps taken to free itself from any form of criticism while preparing to circumvent anti-racism laws and globally accepted conventions by redefining Antisemitism itself.
The main tactic and process employed by the union follows the logic of contemporary Antisemites by painting all Jews as accomplices to the “crimes” committed by Israel, and as a logical byproduct, when a Jew points out that Israel is being singled out. When a non Jew makes the same point, they are labeled as Zionists, and therefore complicit. David Hirsh has spent the last decade researching manifestations of modern Antisemitism, publishing a seminal paper on the subject a few years back.
While Engage has been the main contact point with the UCU as far as stripping and predicting this unions intentions and actions, combating the antisemitic union’s leadership with debate, logic and facts, British Jewish organizations have either remained shtum, or copy/pasted Prof. Hirsh’s arguments, work and formulations into whiney letters and apologetic appeals to the union.
As a consequence, British Jews currently have no viable leadership to combat manifestations of modern antisemitism. Their lot has been thrown in with Israel and Zionism whether they subscribe to Israel’s defense or not. The community’s lack of action against institutionalized racism in Britain has led to a situation whereby any self defense measure is immediately related to actions taken by an all powerful lobby, or a tacit pro-Israel stance. Complaining about racism for a British Jew, whether pro-Israel or not has now become impossible, and is invalidated by default as a de-facto misuse of the antisemitism “trope” to blacken the racist offender.
Until Jewish organizations make a pragmatic choice to battle this type of reversed logic racism, we will continue to witness Jews losing their legal and human rights as their voices are drowned by loud racist waves of legitimized Antisemitism.
We therefore call on British Jews to step up in their own defense, waken the established Jewish organizations into action and reestablish Antisemitism as racism.

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  1. Jews played a major role in bankrupting Britain and American in 2008. Greenspan, Rubin, Summers et al shouted down the opposition in good Jewish fashion and proceeded to gut the world. Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the US Army War College, along with President Cossiga of Italy and a lot of others says that Mossad and the NY Jews were behind 9/11 and point to the fact that the buildings didn't just fall down, they were blown up. There are a lot of other very bad things we can say about Jews. Why are we not allowed to say them? What's so special about you lot other than the fact that you threaten people and cause a lot of trouble?